What is an imperial patron?

What is an imperial patron?

Patronage (clientela) was the distinctive relationship in ancient Roman society between the patronus (“patron”) and their cliens (“client”). The patron was the protector, sponsor, and benefactor of the client; the technical term for this protection was patrocinium.

What is a Roman greeting?

Ave is a Latin word, used by the Romans as a salutation and greeting, meaning “hail”. Ave in Ecclesiastical Latin is ideally [ˈave], and in English, it tends to be pronounced /ˈɑːveɪ/ AH-vay. The term was notably used to greet the Caesar or other authorities.

What is a Roman kiss?

This is the strange concept that men, usually soldiers, used to grip forearms or wrists instead of hands. It has been traced back to the late 19th century with the first staged productions of Lew Wallace’s Ben-Hur. She might have seen men in togas greeting one another with a kiss!

How do Mexicans say what’s up?

¿Qué onda? is a question friends in Mexico often ask each other. An informal greeting, this expression can be roughly translated into English as “what’s up?”.

What’s muy bien mean?

Translate “muy bien” to English: very well, fine, OK, very well indeed, damn well, damned well, fine and dandy, full well, to a T, to a tee, but good.

How do you respond to Que Pasa?

If it is said as a greeting, for example someone entering the room and saying “Qué pasa?, it should be answered as if the person said “What’s up?”. They don’t really want to know what is up, they are just saying “Hi, how are you”. So, you can say “all good and you? ” = “todo bien y tú?”

Is Que pasa a greeting?

I use “qué pasa” as more of a greeting. It’s a super informal way to greet a friend. But, you can also ask someone this if they look sad or hurt, and you want to know why. In that situation, it is less of a greeting and more of a general concern for the person’s wellbeing.

How do you reply to Todo Bien?

To answer your question, you may say hago eso bien when you want to say I do that well, and lo hago bien when you want to say I do it well.

What is the best reply to the question Que tal?

2 Answers. Bien, bien,¿ y usted/tu? Muy bien, gracias, is the straightforward reply and as Annie says it is polite to ask how they are. You could also say ‘genial’ or if your feeling out of sorts ‘asi, asi’ [so, so] The last two answers are to someone who is interested in how you feel ie a friend.

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