What is another word for onlooker?

What is another word for onlooker?

What is another word for onlooker?

bystander observer
spectator viewer
watcher eyewitness
looker-on sightseer
witness beholder

What is a passive onlooker?

adj. 1 not active or not participating perceptibly in an activity, organization, etc. 2 unresisting and receptive to external forces; submissive. 3 not working or operating. 4 affected or acted upon by an external object or force.

Who are onlookers?

An onlooker is someone who watches something but isn’t directly involved in it. The spectators at a boxing match or a dog show or a marathon are all onlookers. If you observe an event but you don’t participate in it, you’re an onlooker.

How do you spell onlookers?

A person who watches without taking part; spectator. Alternative spelling of onlooker.

Is onlookers a compound noun?

Compound nouns are formed by combining different parts of speech. This list of ten is not exhaustive. Most compound nouns form their plurals like any other noun: by adding an s to the end of the word: wheeler-dealers, washing machines, onlookers.

What is a spectator?

1 : one who looks on or watches. 2 : a shoe having contrasting colors with a perforated design at the toe and sometimes heel. Other Words from spectator Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More about spectator.

What is the difference between audience and spectators?

Audience – all the people who are watching or listening to a play, concert, speech… Spectator – a person who is watching an event ,especially a SPORTS EVENT.

What is a spectator type activity give example?

A spectator sport is a sport that is characterized by the presence of spectators, or watchers, at its competitions. Most popular sports are both spectator and participant, for example association football, basketball, cricket, tennis, rugby, golf, athletics and volleyball.

What is another word for spectator?

Spectator Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for spectator?

observer onlooker
bystander beholder
eyewitness witness
sightseer audience
clapper gaper

What is the opposite of a spectator?

Opposite of one who watches or observes a spectacle. participant. player. contributor. party.

Which word has almost the same meaning as the word spectators?

Word forms: spectators 1. countable noun. A spectator is someone who watches something, especially a sports event. Thirty thousand spectators watched the final game. Synonyms: onlooker, observer, viewer, witness More Synonyms of spectator.

Which word has the opposite meaning of the word collective?

Antonyms: permeative, apportionable, diffusive, separate, dispersive, capitalist, allocatable, diffusing(a), pervasive, distributive, permeant, immanent, capitalistic, permeating, disseminative, separative, suffusive, allocable. Synonyms: corporate.

What is the opposite of collectivism?

collectivism Add to list Share. Collectivism is a political theory associated with communism. More broadly, it is the idea that people should prioritize the good of society over the welfare of the individual. Collectivism is the opposite of individualism.

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