What is dominant culture?

What is dominant culture?

A dominant culture is a cultural practice that is dominant within a particular political, social or economic entity, in which multiple cultures are present. It may refer to a language, religion/ritual, social value and/or social custom. These features are often a norm for an entire society.

How do you assimilate easily?


  1. Study in a quiet environment.
  2. Scan the material for keywords before studying.
  3. Take good diet and not junks.
  4. Create an outline of the material before studying.
  5. Teach yourself by reading the material out.
  6. Take notes or make a new note.
  7. Highlight the complex parts and revisit later.
  8. Use the spaced repetition learning method.

What was one way an immigrant could assimilate?

With the objective of developing within a society, the immigrant person or immigrant group, you can engage learning the language, together with this, to assimilate the customs and life mode of the company in which it is inserted.

Is assimilation easy?

Although assimilation is a very easy process in some invertebrates in many, it is referred to as a tedious procedure. The nutrients are absorbed straight away from the host digestive system by tapeworms. The sponges and corals directly take the food particles through a process called phagocytosis.

Why does assimilation occur?

Full assimilation occurs when new members of a society become indistinguishable from native members. Any group (such as a state, immigrant population, or ethnicity) may choose to adopt a different culture for a variety of reasons such as political relevance or perceived advantage.

What are the characteristics of assimilation?

Characteristics –

  • (1) Assimilation is not confined to single field only. The term assimilation is generally applied to explain the fusion of two distinct cultural groups.
  • (2) Assimilation is a slow and gradual process.
  • (3) Assimilation is an unconscious process.
  • (4) Assimilation is a two-way process.

What are the factors hindering assimilation?

What are the factors retarding or hindering assimilation ?

  • (1) Isolation.
  • (2) Physical or racial differences.
  • (3) Cultural differences.
  • (4) Prejudice as a barrier to assimilation.
  • (5) Dominance and subordination.

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