What is elementary search help in SAP ABAP?

What is elementary search help in SAP ABAP?

An elementary search help defines the standard flow of an input help. You can define the following components of this flow in the search help: Where does the data displayed in the hit list come from (selection method)

What is the difference between elementary and collective search help?

elementary search help is one where u used only one field in the search help and mostly from one table… collective search help is one where u use more than one field and also from various tables.

How do I add search help in parameter in ABAP?

ABAP Add SearchHelp on Parameter

  1. Retrieve list of Search (Use a ABAP Select query)
  2. Call F4IF_INT_TABLE_VALUE_REQUEST. RETFIELD : Name of Parameter. WINDOW_TITLE : Title of SAP PopUp windows. VALUE_TAB: list of Value to display. RETURN_TAB: List of Selected Lines.
  3. Read the value selected.

What is type group in ABAP?

A type group is an ABAP program managed by ABAP Dictionary that is initiated by the statement TYPE-POOL and that contains ABAP statements for defining globally visible data types, constants, and macros. More information about type groups can be found under ABAP Program Types and under the statement TYPE-POOL.

What is difference between data element and domain in ABAP?

The domain is used for the technical definition of a table field such as field type and length, and the data element is used for the semantic definition (short description). A data element describes the meaning of a domain in a certain business context.

What is TMG in ABAP?

SAP Table Maintenance Generator (TMG) is a tool to generate a table maintenance program i.e. it will generate a program to maintain (Create, Edit & Delete) entries in a table. To generate a table maintenance generator (TMG) for a table, display the table in ABAP Dictionary (SE11).

What is the difference between types and data in SAP ABAP?

Hi, The main difference between TYPE and LIKE parameter when defining or declaring the object is that TYPE is used to refer existing DATA TYPE (elementary or structured or user defined) while LIKE is used to declare data objects with reference to existing DATA OBJECTS.

What is like line of in ABAP?

LIKE LINE OF means that the variable will be of the table line type. LIKE means that the variable will be exactly of the same type as the one sitting after this key word. Example. TYPES: BEGIN OF t_my_example_structure, my_example_field1 TYPE i, my_example_field2 TYPE n, END OF t_my_example_structure.

What is the difference between the type and like statements in data declaration?

LIKE,you assign the datatype of another object to the declaring data object. The datatype is referenced indirectly. Type is a keyword used to refer to a data type whereas Like is a keyword used to copy the existing properties of already existing data object. declared prototypical with the statement DATA.

How do you use field symbols?

FIELD-SYMBOLS: TYPE ANY TABLE. Here we can assign any data object to TYPE ANY field symbol whereas TYPE ANY TABLE field symbol is used for assigning any internal table. TYPE ANY: Let us assign a work area of type MARA to a TYPE ANY field symbol and then populate the work area using field symbol.

What are field symbols?

Field symbols are placeholders or symbolic names for existing data objects (or parts of existing data objects), declared by the statement FIELD-SYMBOLS or by the declaration operator FIELD-SYMBOL. A memory area is assigned to a field symbol at program runtime. Field symbols can point to almost any data object.

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