What is hinky pinky?

What is hinky pinky?

A hinky pinky is a riddle that begins with a definition. The answer is a rhyming word or phrase that has the same number of syllables as “HIN-KY PIN-KY”–4 syllables.

What is a hinky pinky for a bad breakfast riddle?

What is a hinky pinky for horrible breakfast food? An awful waffle!

What do you call a married rodent hinky pinky?

This activity is called “Hink Pink” or “Hinky Pinky” or “Hinkety Pinkety” or “Hitinkety Pitinkety.” The explanation of the different names is part of the game.

How do you play hinky pinky?

The concept is incredibly simple: come up with 2 rhyming words that have the same number of syllables and give simple clues that will help your friends come up with the rhyme. That’s it. If your words have one syllable, they are hink pinks; two syllables gets you hinky pinkys; and three are hinkety pinketys.

What is a hink?

Filters. (obsolete) A reaping hook. noun.

What do you call a stinging insect that doesn’t cost any money?

stinging insect that doesn’t cost money. 7. free bee.

What keeps a cat’s paws warm?

A cat’s paws are particularly susceptible in winter, especially if they are walking in snow or on surfaces that have antifreeze or salt. Just make sure that you wipe your cat’s paws with a warm towel when you get home, to make sure that they don’t inject the paw wax and to keep their paws warm.

What does Hincks mean?

Literally the place name means “island or well-watered land of the stallion or of a man called Hengest,” from the Old English words hengest or the Old English personal name + “eg.” One of the earliest records of the family was Roger Hanke who was listed in the Hundredorum Rolls of 1273 in Norfolk.

What is a Tink?

Tinknoun. a sharp, quick sound; a tinkle.

What does honk mean?

1 : to make the characteristic cry of a goose. 2 : to make a sound resembling the cry of a goose. transitive verb. : to cause to honk honk a horn.

What does honking 3 times mean?

The 3 honks is a message telling you that you left the FOB in the car (the car thinks this even though the FOB is with you).

What does it mean when a girl honks at you?

Another man said he did it to make a girl feel better about herself, and another admitted he honks to let a girl know that she is out of his league. One user revealed it’s a way for men to tell a woman she’s attractive, without having to be brave or smooth doing it in person.

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