What is interactive tool?

What is interactive tool?

An interactive tool is a way to increase engagement with a target audience by allowing them to interact with the page itself. For example, a medical information website may offer an interactive food calculator to help users track food intake and exercise.

What does interactive game mean?

n. An electronic game played by manipulating moving figures on a display screen, often designed for play on a special gaming console rather than a personal computer.

What is meant by interactive session?

Filters. Back-and-forth dialog between user and computer.

Is Interactability a word?

The quality or the state of being interactable.

What does synergetic mean?

Synergetic means working together or cooperative. It can be used as another word for synergistic, which is used to describe things that produce, result from, or otherwise involve synergy.

What is a synergistic relationship?

Synergistic relationships are based on both individuals being on the same wavelength, when they completely understand each other and don’t try to limit the space they occupy in each other’s lives. The heading, 1+1=3, speaks to the power of the relationship, where the two partners combine to create something more.

What is the opposite of synergistic?


What is synergism medical term?

Listen to pronunciation. (SIH-ner-JIS-tik) In medicine, describes the interaction of two or more drugs when their combined effect is greater than the sum of the effects seen when each drug is given alone.

What is an example of synergism?

Synergism is when you get a greater effect by combining two or more organisms or components together than you would get by adding the effects of each. For example, a very famous synergy in nature example is that of the sea anemone and a clownfish. By themselves, each of these organisms is susceptible to predators.

What is the difference between synergism and antagonism?

Thus, synergism is used to define a cumulative effect of multiple stressors that are greater than the additive sum of effects produced by the stressors acting in isolation; this contrasts with the term “antagonism,” used to define a cumulative effect that is less than additive (Hay et al.

Can synergism have positive effects?

The more individuals work together the more there are cumulative positive effects. 2. Pest synergy pertains to a form of synergy wherein the presence of two or more kinds of parasites could lead to more adverse effects than when they are present without the others.

What are antagonistic drugs?

An interaction between two or more drugs that have opposite effects on the body. Drug antagonism may block or reduce the effectiveness of one or more of the drugs.

Which hormones have antagonistic effects?

Antagonistic Hormones

  • Beta cells secrete insulin. When the concentration of blood glucose rises (after eating, for example), beta cells secrete insulin into the blood.
  • Alpha cells secrete glucagon. When the concentration of blood glucose drops (during exercise, for example), alpha cells secrete glucagon into the blood.

What is a potentiating effect?

(synergistic interaction) When the combined effect of two different drugs exceeds the expected additive effect of each of the drugs administered independently, one drug is said to potentiate the other. For example diazepam may potentiate the effect of alcohol.

What is it called when two drugs are combined?

Additive – Occurs when two or more drugs combine to produce an effect greater than effect of either drug taken alone.

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