What is jealous French feminine?

What is jealous French feminine?

[ˈdʒɛləs ] [person] jaloux/ouse.

What is the meaning of Joule in French?

noun. derived unit of energy, work and heat.

What is protection French?

noun. 1. ( from harm, damage) protection f. protection from sth, protection against sth protection contre qch.

Is protection feminine or masculine?

For most men it’s masculine, and for most women it’s feminine, but not always. When examining the two energies, the highest purpose of the masculine is to serve and protect; for the feminine, it’s to care and connect.

How do you say protection in other languages?

In other languages protection

  1. American English: protection /prəˈtɛkʃən/
  2. Arabic: حِمَايَة
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: proteção.
  4. Chinese: 保护
  5. Croatian: zaštita.
  6. Czech: ochrana.
  7. Danish: beskyttelse.
  8. Dutch: bescherming.

What is another name for Protect?

Some common synonyms of protect are defend, guard, safeguard, and shield.

How do you say home in different languages?

In other languages:

  • Apache: Chiricahua: kuugha̧ Western: gowąh.
  • Chinese (simplified): 家 (house: 房子)
  • Dutch: huis/thuis.
  • French: maison.
  • German: heim.
  • Greek: σπίτι
  • Hebrew: be-it.
  • Italian: casa.

What is the meaning of Casa Mia?

English Translation. my home.

What is a fancy word for home?

A place where one lives or calls home. house. place. property. residence.

What do you call a rich house?

mansion. A large house or building, usually built for the wealthy.

What do you call old houses?

Noun. Antiquated house. antiquated house. historic house.

Are old houses built better?

2. Old homes have better-quality construction. In an older home they’re probably built with plaster and lathe, making them structurally stronger than the drywall construction of modern homes. These older materials also provide a better sound barrier and insulation.

What are old things called?

antique, age-old, venerable, hoary, old-fashioned, timeworn, archaic, antediluvian, bygone, elderly, fossil, relic, aged, remote, oldie, antiquated, early, moth-eaten, obsolete, older.

What is a euphemism for old?

A few euphemisms for ‘old’ include ‘well-seasoned’, ‘experienced’, ‘elderly’, ‘time-tested’, and ‘antique’.

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