What is Jrotc army?

What is Jrotc army?

The U.S. Army Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC) is one of the largest character development and citizenship programs for youth in the world. As JROTC students (Cadets) progress through the program, they experience opportunities to lead other Cadets.

What is the purpose of Army Jrotc?

The JROTC program is designed to teach high school students the value of citizenship, leadership, service to the community, personal responsibility, and a sense of accomplishment, while instilling in them self-esteem, teamwork, and self discipline.

How do I join army Jrotc?

The following steps are required for a school who desires to establish a JROTC or NDCC program:

  1. Determine the program (JROTC or NDCC) which best meets your schools requirements.
  2. Complete the corresponding application(s).
  3. Mail completed application(s) to the appropriate brigade address in your state (below).

What rank do you become after ROTC?

Army ROTC graduates are commissioned as U.S. Army Second Lieutenants. They then receive specialized training in one of 17 different Army branches.

What is the age limit for Army ROTC?

For an ROTC scholarship, you cannot turn 31 by the end of the year in which you graduate/commission. This is Federal law and non-waiverable. For non-scholarship cadets, you must under age 39 on the day you commission. Cadets graduating between 35 and 39 years will require a waiver from the ROTC brigade commander.

Does Army ROTC pay for room and board?

Army ROTC scholarships either cover your Tuition or Room and Board, it also covers your Books,and a monthly stipend. If you are an out of state student then tuition may be what you what the Army to pay for.

Does Army pay for room and board?

Military recruiters promise “free room and board.” The “room” part of this promise is accomplished through the military’s housing program. Members of the National Guard and Reserves are also entitled to a housing allowance when on full-time active duty.

Is Army ROTC stipend taxable?

Students on an ROTC scholarship also receive an ROTC subsistence stipend from the military to help them pay for their room and board, meals, transportation and everyday living expenses. The IRS says these subsistence payments are tax-exempt and need not be reported on the student’s tax return.

Is ROTC room and board scholarship taxable?

ROTC scholarships whether they are used for tuition, fees, books OR room and board are not taxable. These “scholarships” are not scholarships under 26 USC 117.

Is ROTC considered employment?

So, no, you are not an employee of the Army by contracting with ROTC. If you elect to apply your ROTC scholarship to room/board instead of tuition/fees, that IS 1040 INCOME, but you’re still not an EMPLOYEE of the university. In the case of Room/Board, taxes are owed. In the case of Tuition/Fees they are not.

Are military scholarships taxable?

Scholarship or fellowship amounts used to pay these costs are taxable. Visit the Military.com Tax Center for more information on taxes.

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