What is NHS REC approval?

What is NHS REC approval?

Not all research conducted within the UK requires review by an NHS Research Ethics Committee (REC). This decision tool: will help you to determine if your study requires a review by an NHS REC. will not tell you whether you need any other regulatory approvals and/or types of ethics review.

What should you do if you are unhappy with the REC s decision?

If your application has received an unfavourable opinion and you do not feel it is possible to make all of the changes required by the reviewing REC, you can appeal. In this instance you should email the Appeals Manager who will consider the most appropriate way forward.

Does NHS need Rec approval?

So long as the information you enter is correct, the outcome of the decision tool can be taken as authoritative, and you do not need to seek further confirmation. Where a project will not be managed as research there is no need to apply for HRA Approval or to an NHS REC.

What studies do not need ethical approval?

Some studies that do not require ethical approval include those involving information freely available in the public domain (e.g. published biographies, newspaper accounts), and the analysis of datasets, either open source or obtained from other researchers, where the data are properly anonymised and informed consent …

What needs ethical approval?

The following types of research are considered to involve MORE than minimal risk and require ethical approval: research involving potentially vulnerable groups, for example, children and young people, those with a learning disability or cognitive impairment or individuals in a dependent or unequal relationship.

Does audit require ethical approval?

In principle the question “Does audit need ethical approval?” is an easy one to answer. The answer is ‘No’. Clinical audit by definition does not involve anything being done to patients beyond their normal clinical management and therefore does not require formal ethical approval.

Do Case series require ethical approval?

For case series deemed to constitute research: ethics committee/IRB approval may be required; consent may be required for inclusion in the study and for publication (e.g. if detailed, individual patient information is included).

What is the difference between case report and case series?

A case report is a detailed report of the diagnosis, treatment, response to treatment, and follow-up after treatment of an individual patient. A case series is group of case reports involving patients who were given similar treatment.

Does a systematic review need ethical approval?

Unlike primary researchers, systematic reviewers do not collect deeply personal, sensitive or confidential information from participants. Systematic reviewers use publicly accessible documents as evidence and are seldom required to seek an institutional ethics approval before commencing a systematic review.

What are sense of ethics?

Ethical comes from the Greek ethos “moral character” and describes a person or behavior as right in the moral sense – truthful, fair, and honest. If something has happened and you are not sure what the right thing to do is, you are having an ethical dilemma.

Why ethical approval is important?

Ethical approval of a research project also helps to increase the legitimacy of research findings. This is important for those making decisions based on the research results. Ethical approval of a research project also helps to increase the legitimacy of research findings.

What is the ethics committee responsible for?

The U.S. House Committee on Ethics, created in 1967, is unique. Under House rules, the Committee has the jurisdiction to administer travel, gift, financial disclosure, outside income, and other regulations; advise members and staff; issue advisory opinions and investigate potential ethics violations.

What is the role of the Ethics Committee?

Ethics committees, or similar institutional mechanisms, offer assistance in addressing ethical issues that arise in patient care and facilitate sound decision making that respects participants’ values, concerns, and interests. (a) Serve as advisors and educators rather than decision makers.

What is the role of the social and ethics committee?

Social responsibility in business and ethics in the workplace is lead by the social and ethics committee, which must clearly understand that it is the social conscience of the business and is responsible to ensure that the company behaves responsibly, socially, commercially and environmentally.

Do all hospitals have an ethics committee?

Today, all medical institutions and hospitals in the country have an ethics committee whose main function is to ensure respect for principles of autonomy, beneficence, and justice (50). These committees are accredited by the Health Research Council Ethics Committee for the ethical review and approval of research (4).

What are the function of ethics?

Ethics serve as a guide to moral daily living and helps us judge whether our behavior can be justified. Ethics refers to society’s sense of the right way of living our daily lives. It does this by establishing rules, principles, and values on which we can base our conduct.

What are the 6 universal ethical standards?

Based on the convergence of the three sources of standards, six universal moral values for corporate codes of ethics are proposed including: (1) trustworthiness; (2) respect; (3) responsibility; (4) fairness; (5) caring; and (6) citizenship.

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