What is normal oil pressure C5 Corvette?

What is normal oil pressure C5 Corvette?

Instead of locking onto the rapidly blurring scenery ahead of you, your eyes are glued to the oil-pressure gauge. Rather than its usual reading of around 40 psi, the display has climbed into the 80-psi range.

What is normal operating temp for a C5 Corvette?

Registered. Changing the thermostat is almost always a bad idea. The t-stat in the coolant system sets the mimimum operating temperature, which should be about 190 degrees. The maximum temperature is controlled by the fan settings (if everything else is normal).

How fast is a 1999 Corvette?

Top speed on the test track is around 170 mph.

Is a 1999 Corvette a good car?

The 1999 Corvette is among the best true sports cars your money can buy.

What year is the most reliable Corvette?

The Most Reliable Classic Corvettes

  • 1953 Corvette.
  • 1956 Corvette.
  • 1960 Corvette.
  • 1969 Corvette.
  • 1971 Corvette.
  • 1977 Corvette.
  • 1988 Corvette.

What year is the cheapest Corvette?

Here Are the Cheapest Chevrolet Corvettes For Sale on Autotrader

  • Cheapest Overall Corvette — $3,899. The cheapest Corvette listed on Autotrader is this 1984 model from the Corvette’s C4 generation.
  • Cheapest C7 Corvette — $27,500.
  • Cheapest C6 Corvette — $10,995.
  • Cheapest Corvette Z06 — $13,890.

Is the 2000 Corvette a C5?

Still, the Corvette’s new shape will wear well into the next century. Don’t let the fact that the C5 will swallow two golf bags sway you into thinking this a gentrified sporting coupe. The 2000 Corvette is among the best true sports cars your money can buy.

Is a 2000 Corvette a good car?

All in all, my 2000 corvette convertible is a great value: as I said in the heading, your best bang for the buck. Rating breakdown (out of 5): Comfort 5.0. Interior design 5.0.

How much are C5 Corvettes worth?

Production variants include the high performance Z06. Racing variants include the C5-R, a 24 Hours of Daytona and 24 Hours of Le Mans GTS/GT1 class winner….Related Submarkets.

For Sale 12
Dollar Volume $12.4m
Lowest Sale $6,750
Top Sale $121,000
Most Recent $28,500

Are C5 Corvettes going up in value?

Hagerty reports some C5 Corvette variants have begun to appreciate in value and it could be the time to buy. Specifically, the collector car insurance company says prices will likely bottom out next year after all C5 Corvettes experienced a 2 percent decline in value over the past 12 months, save for a few variants.

What is the best year for the C5 Corvette?

According to MSN http://autos.msn.com/research/vip/default.aspx?make=Chevrolet&model=Corvette The 2004 was the best year for the C5 Generation and the rest of the years scored just as well.

How many miles is a C5 Corvette good for?

The lifespan expectations for Chevy Corvettes According to Motor and Wheels, owners can expect their new Corvette to last for 150,000 to 200,000 miles. For most drivers, that’s probably about 10 to 13 years minimum. In the past, sports cars were usually known for being unreliable and expensive to maintain.

Which is better C5 or C6 Corvette?

The C6 Corvette is arguably the more contemporary design…it’s a newer car and looks it in several key areas. However, the C5 Corvette has a low, sleek appearance along with those classic pop-up headlights, and some Corvette enthusiasts think the C5 has a ‘lighter’ appearance, looking slightly sportier.

Are C5 Corvettes collectible?

And despite what its owners may believe, no 15- or 20-year-old Corvette is going to become a true collector’s item any time soon. Because once you get past its reputation for slightly slipshod construction, the C5 Corvette makes a great used performance car.

Which Corvette is collectible?

When that show came out, everyone wanted a 1962 Corvette! Again, the fuel-injected model is the most collectible. 1963 comes along and GM engineer Larry Shinoda displays the new Sting Ray.

Are C5 Corvettes good cars?

If you’re interested in some cruising in between bursts of speed, the Corvette C5 is a good all-around car for you. With a scrappy, punchy history of strong performance and fun driving, it’s a car to show off at the track, while at the same time not costing quite as much as a newer sports car would.

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