What is plural in a sentence?

What is plural in a sentence?

Plural (English Grammar) The word “plural” denotes a quantity greater than one ” Plural” contrasts with singular, which denotes only one For example: One dog / two dogs (The word “dog” is singular, but “dogs” is plural)

What is plural simple?

1 : of, relating to, or constituting a class of grammatical forms usually used to denote more than one or in some languages more than two 2 : relating to, consisting of, or containing more than one or more than one kind or class a plural society

What is plural and examples?

A plural noun indicates that there is more than one of that noun (while a singular noun indicates that there is just one of the noun) For example, there’s one dog (singular), but three dogs (plural) However, English has both regular and irregular plural nouns

What are the plural words?


Singular Plural
woman women
man men
child children
tooth teeth

What is the plural of Fox?

1 fox /ˈfɑːks/ noun plural foxes 1 fox /ˈfɑːks/ plural foxes

What is the plural of mouthful?

mouthful /ˈmaʊθˌfʊl/ noun plural mouthfuls

Which is the plural of fish?

The plural of fish is usually fish When referring to more than one species of fish, especially in a scientific context, you can use fishes as the plural

Can you say sheeps?

No, “sheeps” is not a gramatical English word The plural of sheep is also sheep English has a number of nouns whose plural is the same as the singular But in that case, Elk is a proper noun

What is the plural of wife?

Since the noun ‘wife’ ends with -fe, according to the rule, -fe would be replaced by -ve before adding an -s towards the end Therefore, Option a, wives is the correct plural form of the noun ‘wife’

What is plural for tooth?

1) Tooth is singular, teeth is plural

What is plural for woman?

Here’s one that people get wrong all the time Women is the plural form of woman — so one woman, many wome

What is the plural of tuna?

tu·​na \ ˈtü-nə , ˈtyü- \ plural tuna or tunas

What is the plural of die?

Die is the singular form of dice It comes from the French word des, a plural word for the same objects In English, the most common way to make nouns plural is to add an S If die followed that rule, its plural form would be dies

What is the full form of die?

DIE Did I Eat? Miscellaneous » Funnies Rate it:
DIE Designated Investment Exchange Business » Stock Exchange Rate it:
DIE Description, Interpretation, Evaluation Community » Educational Rate it:
DIE Death In Evil Community » Religion Rate it:
DIE Describe, Interpret, Evaluate Business » General Business Rate it:

What is the plural of buzz?

2 buzz /ˈbʌz/ noun plural buzzes

What is the plural of hoof?

noun Save Word \ ˈhu̇f , ˈhüf \ plural hooves\ ˈhüvz , ˈhu̇vz \ also hoofs

What is the plural of giraffe?

noun Save Word gi·​raffe \ jə-ˈraf \ plural giraffes

What is the plural for zero?

noun ze·​ro \ ˈzē-rō , ˈzir-ō \ plural zeros or zeroes

What is the plural of wolf?

noun plural wolves (wʊlvz)

What is the plural of policeman?

policeman noun po·​lice·​man \ pə-ˈlēs-mən \ plural policemen\ -​mən \

What is the plural of rabbit?

Animal Vocabulary

animal plural male
rabbit rabbits buck
sheep sheep ram
tiger tigers tiger
whale whales bull

What is a plural of baby?

The plural form of the word “baby” is “babies”

What is the plural of Boy?

The plural form of boy is boys

What is the plural of day?

Answer The plural form of day is days Find more words!

What is the plural of dress?

dress Plural dresses The plural form of dress; more than one (kind of) dress

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