What is special about Labradors?

What is special about Labradors?

Thanks to their intelligence, eagerness to please, and willingness to work hard, Labradors are invaluable workers in a variety of fields. They’re the among the most popular choices for service dog work, as well as search and rescue, bomb and drug detection, and therapy dog work.

What are the features of a Labrador?


height 21.5–24.5 inches
colors brown / chocolate / liver gold / yellow black
other traits easy to train easy to groom tendency to chew prone to health issues high potential for weight gain loves water cold weather tolerant hot weather tolerant good for first-time pet owners strong loyalty tendencies good hiking companion

What are the features of Labrador puppy?

Characteristics of ‘English’ or show bred labradors “short, dense, weather resistant coat; an “otter” tail; a clean-cut head with broad back skull and moderate stop; powerful jaws; and its “kind,”friendly eyes, expressing character, intelligence and good temperament.”

What are golden labs like?

Golden Labrador Temperament Good natured, loving, affectionate, goofy, and happy, the Golden Labrador loves people and is very friendly. Training them is a breeze as this is a dog designed to please. They also like to carry out tasks, making them a good work dog.

How do I train my Labrador to walk beside me?

As soon as your Labrador pulls ahead and is no longer walking beside you, turn around sharply and start walking in the opposite direction. You don’t need to turn and say anything, simply focus on heading in the other direction. As you turn, give the leash a quick pull to encourage the pup to turn around and follow you.

What dog breeds are high energy?


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