What is the answer to 119 on brain out?

What is the answer to 119 on brain out?

answer: There are hairs on the back, rotate the boy and count all the hairs. There is a total of 38 hairs, Just follow the walkthrough =) Brain Out All Answers – ​

What is the answer to 197 on brain out?

Q: Make him laugh. A: Take off the left shoe > tickle his foot with the feather.

What is the answer to brain out level 193?

Take his shoes off firstly, then take the feather to tickle him. This makes him laugh.

What is the answer of level 190 in brain out?

Q: Grill the fish for the cat. A: Put the fish on the fire for 1 second > give it to the cat.

How do you subdue the monster in brain out?

Brain Out Subdue the monster Zoom out on the monster to shrink it and make it small and less powerful and then put the monster in your pocket.

What is meaning of subdue the monster?

1 verb If soldiers or the police subdue a group of people, they defeat them or bring them under control by using force. Senior government officials admit they have not been able to subdue the rebels. 2 verb To subdue feelings means to make them less strong. He forced himself to subdue and overcome his fears.

How do you beat level 206 on brain out?

Brain Out Level 206 Q: Reach the End. A: Flip your phone > tap the person. Hold your it until he reaches the finish line.

How do you cross the end of the brain?

Brain Out Cross the end drive the car to bypass title and above the “end” word in the title itself.

How do you unlock the pad in brain out?

Brain Out Unlock the Pad Drag the word “password” from the calculator and put it in the number entry field of the calculator to solve this level.

What is the answer to Brain Test level 188?

Answer: First make all possible matches with the cards. Then you see one card with two carrots on it, just slide your finger between carrots to make two cards. About Brain Test Game: “Brain Test is an addictive free tricky puzzle game with a series of tricky brain teasers.

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