What is the average gas price in Oregon?

What is the average gas price in Oregon?

State Gas Price Averages

State Regular Mid-Grade
Oregon $3.694 $3.857
Pennsylvania $3.254 $3.572
Rhode Island $3.042 $3.360
South Carolina $2.912 $3.249

What caused the price of oil to drop in 2014?

The initial drop in oil prices from mid-2014 to early 2015 was primarily driven by supply factors, including booming U.S. oil production, receding geopolitical concerns, and shifting OPEC policies. This partly explains why the oil price plunge failed to provide a subsequent boost to global activity.

What was price of petrol in 2013?

Petrol at Rs 73.95 in Delhi, highest since Sept 2013; Rs 81.80 in Mumbai. Petrol prices continued to spiral on Tuesday, touching a nearly five year high of Rs 73.95 per litre in Delhi. The previous high in the capital was Rs 74.10 a litre in September 2013.

What was the price of diesel in 2013?

According to Indian Oil’s website, diesel prices were at Rs 65.93 per litre in Delhi, Rs 68.63 per litre in Kolkata, Rs 70.20 per litre in Mumbai and Rs 69.56 per litre in Chennai….DNA webdesk.

Petrol Prices
Delhi 74.63
Kolkata 77.32
Mumbai 82.48
Chennai 77.43

What was the rate of diesel in 2014?

After adjusting the upward revision, diesel will cost be Rs. 53.34 in Delhi, Rs. 58.76 in Kolkata, Rs. 61.42 in Mumbai and Rs.

What was the price of diesel in 2016?

Change in Deisel prices of finanal year 2015-16.

Month Delhi Mumbai
March 1,2016 46.43 53.06
February 18,2016 44.96 15.52
February 1,2016 44.68 51.22
January 1,2016 44.71 51.25

What was fuel price in 2016?

$2.14 per gallon

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