What is the average swing speed for a senior golfer?

What is the average swing speed for a senior golfer?

What is the average swing speed of a senior golfer? According to a study done by My TPI, the average speed for 50-60 year old golfers is between 72-86 mph. For golfers above 60 years old, it’s between 71-79mph.

What swing speed requires a senior shaft?

between 75 and 85 miles per hour

How far should a 70 year old hit a golf ball?

A 70-year-old man should be hitting a driver anywhere from 180 to 190 yards. This number has grown a bit in the last few years with the introduction of improved driver and shaft technology. At 70 years old, some golfers are having no trouble getting the ball to fly 200 yards or more.

How far should a senior hit 7 iron?

Average Distances for Senior Tour Players

Club Average Distance
7 Iron 163 – 169 yds
8 Iron 151 – 157 yds
9 Iron 140 – 145 yds
Pitching Wedge 129 – 134 yds

What is the average Amatuer golf swing speed?

The average amatuer golfer swings the driver at 90 mph for an average distance of 225 yards. The PGA Tour average is 113 mph for 288 yards.

How far should I hit my driver based on swing speed?

If you’re not hitting it 2.5 to 2.7 times your clubhead speed, you need a better-fitting driver, a lesson, or both. This means if your swing speed is 75 miles per hour, you have the potential to hit your drive at least 185 yards. If your swing speed is 100 mph, your distance potential could be as high as 270 yards.

Can I hit a 300 yard drive?

Let me put it bluntly – No You Can’t! If some guys on the PGA Tour can’t hit it 300 yards – you can’t either. Understanding the ‘true distance’ you hit the golf ball is more important than the ‘bragging distance’ you can hit it.

What happens if your shaft is too stiff?

Two Main Effects of a Too-Stiff Golf Shaft Stiff shafts tend to impact distance, resulting in shorter distance. A shaft that is too stiff will absorb the force of the swing, which affects the timing of the transference of energy from the club to the ball at impact. The ball tends to fly lower, which impacts distance.

Does swing speed determine distance?

Swing speed is only one factor to total distance, and these measurements are just meant as rough estimates. The quality of the impact you make with the ball, along with the spin rates and launch angles you are achieving will also play a part in the final result.

Does Topgolf measure swing speed?

Topgolf Like a Pro Using state-of-the-art technology, Toptracer tracks the flight path of every golf shot and displays it right on your bay’s HD screen. You can now watch your game the same way you watch your favorite pro golfers on TV. Find out which venues are offering Toptracer technology.

Is it possible to hit out of TopGolf?

(Although we should tell you that hitting it outside or over the nets at a Topgolf is actually a safety rules violation, so please play by the rules, folks.)

Are TopGolf distances accurate?

Nope. As for how general Topgolf scoring works, all that we were told by the front-desk staff was that points increase for hitting targets at longer distances, but hitting it close to closer targets might be a better way to accrue points.

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