What is the best way to revise the paragraph to connect ideas?

What is the best way to revise the paragraph to connect ideas?

What is the best way to revise the paragraph to connect ideas? Answer: The best way to revise the paragraph is by combining sentences 4 and 5 with the transition word “so”.

Why is it important to follow the specific steps in the correct order for your research paper?

It is important because you want your research paper to be in order and easy to understand.

What are the dos and don’ts when writing a research?

Do’s and Don’ts for Research Writing

  • Don’t blow off grammar. Grammar mistakes look very unprofessional and immediately sink your standing in the eyes of your readers.
  • Don’t make excuses for poor writing.
  • Write something you would want to read.
  • Have others check over your writing.
  • And finally, do your research!

What are the steps involved in a research process?

Step 1: Identify the Problem The first step in the process is to identify a problem or develop a research question. The research problem may be something the agency identifies as a problem, some knowledge or information that is needed by the agency, or the desire to identify a recreation trend nationally.

How do you characterize good research writing?

The main characteristics for good quality research is listed below:

  1. It is based on the work of others.
  2. It can be replicated and doable .
  3. It is generalisable to other settings.
  4. It is based on some logical rationale and tied to theory.
  5. It generates new questions or is cyclical in nature.
  6. It is incremental.

Do you characterize a good research writing?

Answer. It clearly states the variables or constructs to be examined. Valid and verifiable such that whatever you conclude on the basis of your findings is correct and can be verified by you and others. The researcher is sincerely interested and/or invested in this research.

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