What is the conflict in taking sides by Gary Soto?

What is the conflict in taking sides by Gary Soto?

The main major conflict is between Lincoln and Coach Yesutis with Lincoln being hurt but coach still making him play and the Franklin game in 1970 that Roy told Lincoln about so coach wanted to beat Franklin. Eventually coach put Lincoln in so they might be able to win but they still ended up losing.

What is the theme of taking sides by Gary Soto?

The theme in this book is how people change and develop over time and how their thoughts and expectations change.

What genre is taking sides by Gary Soto?


How many pages is taking sides?

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ISBN-13: 9780152046941
Pages: 176
Sales rank: 76,884
Product dimensions: 5.12(w) x 7.62(h) x 0.46(d)
Lexile: 750L (what’s this?)

Who are the characters in taking sides?

CHARACTERS • The main Character is • Lincoln ( main character) he is shy but once he gets confortable he gets very confident. Roy- He is a cop he is the boyfriend of Lincoln’s mom he is a bad guy he always tries to take attention away from Ana to spend time with Lincoln.

Where did Lincoln get his dog Flaco?

Where did Lincoln get his dog Flaco? His friend Tony gave it to him as a going away present. It wandered into his yard one day. The previous owner of their house left him there.

Why did Lincoln change schools in taking sides?

Why did Lincoln change schools? He wanted to play basketball for Columbus. His Mom wanted to move after they got robbed. He wanted to go to the same school as Monica.

Who is the main character in taking sides?

Lincoln Mendoza

What are some differences between Lincoln’s old neighborhood the barrio and his new neighborhood sycamore?

What was the major difference between Sycamore and the old neighborhood? Sycamore had well-maintained neighborhoods and the people drove expensive cars, while the barrio had broken-down cars and run-down houses. Sycamore had friendly neighbors, and Lincoln found it hard to make friends at Franklin.

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