What is the difference between the California Senate and the California Assembly?

What is the difference between the California Senate and the California Assembly?

Terms and term limits Members of the Assembly are elected from 80 districts and serve two-year terms. All 80 Assembly seats are subject to election every two years. Members of the Senate are elected from 40 districts and serve four-year terms.

How is the California legislative branch similar to the US Congress?

Similar to Congress, both the California Senate and the Assembly utilize a committee system. The number of members on each committee and other details are addressed by the Senate Rules Committee and the speaker of the Assembly. The Senate Rules Committee and the Assembly speaker have similar powers.

Whats the difference between Assembly and Senate?

Today, the only difference between members of the state Assembly and state Senate is the size of their districts. The professor means that the state Senate acts as a check and balance to the state Assembly and vice versa. No bill can get through the Legislature without passing through both houses.

What was the main difference between the Senate and the Assembly Rome?

What was the main difference between the Senate and the Assembly? Senators were elected; Assembly members were chosen by the consuls. Senators were patricians; Assembly members were plebeians.

What was the role of the Roman Senate quizlet?

A government in which power rests with citizens who have the right to vote for their leaders. ‘The Senate and the Roman People’; Originally a group of 300 Patrician men who were appointed and were responsible for creating laws among other things. You just studied 13 terms!

What was Toga a symbol of?

The military cloak of the Roman soldiers, which consisted of a four-concered piece of cloth worn over the armour and fastened upon the shoulder by a clasp. It was a symbol of war, as the toga was the symbol of peace.

When was a toga worn?

The toga was an article of clothing that had stately symbolism, and according to the Roman scholar Marcus Terentius Varro (116–27 BCE), it was the earliest dress of both Roman men and women. It can be seen on statues and paintings from as early as 753 BCE, during the earliest years of the Roman Republic.

What goes under a toga?

garment under a toga, perhaps
Garment under a doublet
Garment under a tutu

What was worn under togas?

Citizens of Rome would wear a tunic under their toga. The simplest and cheapest tunics were made by sewing two pieces of wool together to make a tube with holes for the arms. For those that could afford it tunics could be made of linen or even silk.

What was the most common type of shoe worn by the ancient Romans?


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