What is the difference in elevation between two side by side contour lines called?

What is the difference in elevation between two side by side contour lines called?

A contour interval is the difference in elevation between two contour lines that are side by side. Remember that a contour interval is not the distance between the two lines – to get the distance you need to use the map scale.

What 2 types of lines show elevation differences?

Contour lines are used to show elevation on a topographic map. Lines or isolines on a map that connect points with the same elevation. What does each contour line on a map show? Each contour line shows a different elevation.

How do you find sea level on a topographic map?

You can figure out the elevation of any point by finding the nearest labeled line, counting the number of lines above or below it, multiplying by the contour interval, and adding or subtracting the result from the nearest marked contour line. The more closely spaced the contour lines, the steeper the slope.

What is a spur ridge?

A spur is a lateral ridge or tongue of land descending from a hill, mountain or main crest of a ridge. It can also be defined as another hill or mountain range which projects in a lateral direction from a main hill or mountain range. Geneva Spur on Mount Everest.

Why do contour lines never cross on a topographic map?

Contour lines can never cross one another. Each line represents a separate elevation, and you can’t have two different elevations at the same point. The closer contour lines are to one another, the steeper the slope is in the real world.

When contour lines are close together does that indicate a steep or gentle slope?

Rule # 5- The spacing of contour lines depends on slope characteristics. Closely spaced contour lines represent a steep slope. Widely spaced lines represent a gentle slope. The circled area on the map to the right indicates the steepest slope on the map where the contours are closest together.

What will a hill look like on a topographic map?

When contour lines form closed loops, there is a hill. The smallest loops are the higher elevations on the hill. The larger loops encircling the smaller loops are downhill. If you look at the map, you can see Cady Hill in the lower left and another, smaller hill in the upper right.

What are the horizontal lines on a map called?

A grid of squares helps the map-reader to locate a place. The vertical lines are called eastings. They are numbered – the numbers increase to the east. The horizontal lines are called northings as the numbers increase in an northerly direction.

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