What is the Fasea exam?

What is the Fasea exam?

The exam is a required component of the education standard that all advisers are required to pass to provide personal financial advice to retail clients in respect of retail financial products. Existing Advisers will be required to pass the exam before 1 January 2022.

What does RG146 compliant mean?

Regulatory Guide 146

What is a paraplanner salary?

$103,561 a year

Is Paraplanning hard?

Chartered Financial Planner Carl Lamb, founder and MD of Almary Green, said: “Recruiting Paraplanners is extremely hard, they are in high demand and in short supply – they can demand high salaries as candidates know how difficult the market is and they expect to be paid in relation to their technical expertise.

Is a paraplanner a good job?

Additionally for candidates, paraplanning roles are opening more doors than ever. Not only can a motivated candidate fast-track their financial services career, or move into roles such as management, compliance and advice, but staying in a paraplanner role also offers great long-term remunerative rewards.

What makes a good paraplanner?

However, good paraplanners will be meticulous and analytical, enjoy research and process-driven work and can source, analyse and summarise a great deal of information. Given the nature of the role, you should be the type of person who revels in the detail and is an enthusiastic problem-solver.

What a paraplanner does?

Paraplanning is the administrative, back-office, and clerical duties that financial planners delegate to junior-level staff. These activities may include preparing financial reports and creating client invoices, and can be accomplished either with in-house staff or through outsourced services.

Are Paraplanners regulated?

What does SM&CR mean for paraplanners? The Senior Managers and Certified Persons (SM&CR ) legislation aims to ensure that the people in a business who can impact upon the client are properly regulated and appropriate for the role. Paraplanners are most likely to fall under the latter Certified Persons section.

What is a registered paraplanner?

A paraplanner is a financial services professional who handles administrative, accounting and other support tasks for a financial advisor. A paraplanner is a financial advisory office’s equivalent of a paralegal.

How much does a paraplanner earn in Australia?

The average salary for a paraplanner is $74,216 per year in Australia.

Why do you want to be a paraplanner?

“While it is a demanding profession, paraplanning allows you to plan and manage your time independently,” he said. “This enables people to take a flexible approach, which particularly suits those with busy work and personal commitments, such as those with young families.

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