What is the independent variable in the bouncing ball experiment?

What is the independent variable in the bouncing ball experiment?

Because we can drop the ball from any height we choose, the drop height is called the independent variable. But since the rebound height depends on the drop height, the rebound height is called the dependent variable.

What factors affect the bounce of a ball?

The combination of the material properties of a ball (surface textures, actual materials, amount of air, hardness/ softness, and so on) affects the height of its bounce.

What determines the rebound height of a bouncing ball?

The height to which a ball will bounce depends on the height from which it is dropped, what the ball is made out of (and if it is inflated, what the pressure is), and what the surface it bounces from is made out of. A ball’s gravitational potential energy is proportional to its height.

Why does a bouncy ball bounce?

When a rubber ball hits something, it absorbs energy and releases energy really fast, Zheng said. When it hits something, it stops, and the kinetic energy is stored inside the ball as internal energy. Then it can quickly convert the internal energy back into kinetic energy which allows the ball to bounce back.

What type of ball bounces the highest?

rubber ball

What is the bounciest ball in the world?

Mega Bounce XTR

Why does borax make bouncy balls?

The borax acts as a “cross-linker” to the polymer molecules in the glue – basically it creates chains of molecules that stay together when you pick them up. The cornstarch helps to bind the molecules together so that they hold their shape better.

How do you make homemade balls?

Pour 4 ounces (120ml) of warm water into the cup labeled ‘Borax Solution’ and 1 teaspoon of the borax powder into the cup. Stir the mixture to dissolve the borax. Pour 1 tablespoon of glue into the cup labeled ‘Ball Mixture’. Add 3-4 drops of food coloring, if desired.

How do you make clear bouncy balls?

To make bouncing polymer balls, follow these steps: Label one cup “Borax Solution” and the other “Ball Mixture.” Pour 2 tablespoons of warm water and 1/2 teaspoon of borax powder into the cup labeled “Borax Solution.” Stir the mixture to dissolve the borax. Add food coloring if desired.

What is the bounciest material?

Engineers in the US have created a new, incredibly hard, incredibly elastic metallic glass. For those unaware, metallic glass is, in general, already incredibly hard and incredibly elastic.

How do you make a stress ball without cornstarch?

How to make aromatherapy stress balls?

  1. step 1: use a funnel to put 1/2 to 1 cup of flour into a water bottle.
  2. step 2: add 10 drops of essential oil to the flour in the water bottle.
  3. step 3: put the cap on the water bottle.
  4. step 4: blow up the balloon to about twice the size of the finished stress ball.
  5. step 5: attach the end of the balloon to the water bottle.

What can I use instead of a balloon for a stress ball?

How to Make a Stress Ball Without a Balloon

  1. STEP 1: Place the bowl on a stable surface like a wooden bench or table.
  2. STEP 2: Pour some glue to the bottom of the bowl.
  3. STEP 3: Add shavings cream to measure six times the amount of glue you Just added.
  4. STEP 4: Use the spatula and stir to mix the solution well.
  5. STEP 5: Add any paint you want.

How do you make homemade stress balls?


  1. Stretch out your balloon.
  2. Choose your filling: rice or flour.
  3. Stick a funnel into the neck of the balloon.
  4. Slowly fill the balloon.
  5. Remove the funnel from the balloon and let out as much air as you can.
  6. Tie the neck of the balloon closed tightly.
  7. Snip off the excess rubber.

How do you make a stress ball with cornstarch?


  1. Blow up the Balloon. Blow up the balloon until it is about 4 to 5 inches in diameter.
  2. Pinch It Closed. 
  3. Insert the Funnel.
  4. Fill Your Balloon With Cornstarch.
  5. Slowly Release Pinched Fingers.
  6. Squeeze out the Excess Air.
  7. Tie the Balloon Closed.
  8. Decorate the Stress Ball.

Is the slime inside stress balls toxic?

These squishable stress balls are non-toxic, making them safe for children; they won’t leave behind stains or greasy residue on hands. …

What can you put inside a stress ball?

Homemade stress balls are SUPER SIMPLE to make at home. You can use flour, rice, water beads, play dough, and even oobleck as a filler inside the balloon. In order to get the flour inside the balloon, you’ll also need a funnel.

How do you make a stress ball out of a ziplock bag?

Fill a sandwich ziploc bag with about 1/4 cup of flour or rice. Move the rice or flour down to the left or right corner of the bag to create a ball. Stretch one of the balloons over the ball of rice/flour. Stretch the second balloon over in the opposite direction (to cover the first balloon’s opening).

How do you make a stress ball out of socks?

How to turn old socks into stress balls

  1. For socks, you should use socks you don’t wear. I chose these ones because not only that, but they didn’t have a match.
  2. Take 1 tbsp from the first food. Put it neatly in the sock.
  3. Repeat with the next food item.
  4. You might not get it full enough.
  5. Tie elastic bands VERY TIGHTLY around them.

How do you make stress balls with balloons and rice?

Rice Stress Ball

  1. Cut the tips off the balloons.
  2. Put the rice in the sandwich bag and twist the top.
  3. Put the sandwich bag of rice into one balloon.
  4. Then place a second balloon around the first one.

How do you make a stress ball with rice and socks?

How to turn old socks into stress balls

  1. Gather your supplies.
  2. For socks, you should use socks you don’t wear.
  3. For my food items, I used (left to right) pot barley, split peas, and rice.
  4. Open up your food products.
  5. Take 1 tbsp from the first food.
  6. Put it neatly in the sock.
  7. Repeat with the next food item.
  8. You might not get it full enough.

How do you make a stress ball with glue?

The first thing we are going to do is create our stress ball mixture. To do this, we are going to take one cup of water and one cup of glue, pour it in our water bottle, and then give it a good shake. Next, it’s time to create some glitter magic! Feel free to go wild and choose whatever kind of glitter you like.

How do you make a stress ball with a water bottle?

Fill an empty water bottle with water beads. Partially inflate a balloon. Place the balloon over the top of the water bottle. Shake and gently squeeze the water bottle to transfer the beads from the bottle into the balloon.

How do you put flour in a balloon without a funnel?

If you don’t have a plastic or metal funnel on hand, simply roll a piece of paper into a cone shape. Make sure the small end is narrow enough to fit into the neck of your balloon but wide enough to let your filling material through. Tape your paper funnel together so it doesn’t unroll while filling.

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