What is the jelly leg curse?

What is the jelly leg curse?

The Jelly-Legs Curse, also known as the Jelly-Legs Jinx (Locomotor Wibbly) was a dark charm that caused the victim’s legs to collapse as if they were turned to jelly. This spell was covered in Curses and Counter-Curses by Professor Vindictus Viridian.

What is Deletrius Harry Potter?

Description. The Eradication Spell (Deletrius) was a charm that could disintegrate certain objects and served as the counter-charm to the Reverse Spell, vanishing the shadow emitted from the wand.

What does the spell Dissendium do?

The One-Eyed Witch Spell (Dissendium) was a charm used to open the One-Eyed Witch Passage in the third corridor at Hogwarts castle. The incantation Dissendium could be used to open secret passageways in general.

What does the impediment jinx do?

The Impediment Jinx (Impedimenta), also known as the Impediment Hex, was a jinx that hindered the movement of the target, slowing it down or stopping it in its tracks.

What is the body binding curse?

The Full Body-Bind Curse (Petrificus Totalus), also known as the Body Freezing Spell, was a curse that temporarily paralysed the opponent. It was often used by inexperienced or young wizards and witches in duelling. This curse could be found in Curses and Counter-Curses by Vindictus Viridian.

What does Expecto Patronum do?

Expecto Patronum, or the Patronus Charm, will cast a Patronus, which can appear as simply white vapour, or in more advanced casters, as a silvery-white animal shape. If it takes the shape of an animal, it is called a corporeal Patronus. This spell is used to ward off Dementors, which are the guardians of Azkaban.

What’s Hermione’s favorite spell?

Hermione’s de facto signature spell is ‘Bluebell Flames’, also known as ‘Cold Flames’. The incantation is unknown but is at least 2 words long. Hermione uses it 4 times: Once to set Snape’s robe on fire in the Slytherin-Gryffindor Quidditch Match in their 1st Year.

Who is stronger Dumbledore or Gandalf?

Gandalf is greater than Dumbledore, although (or perhaps because) he had less power. He rallied all the free peoples of Middle-Earth to the cause, gave them heart, and sacrificed himself to save his friends and the quest in Moria. He worked tirelessly for centuries.

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