What is the meaning of hanging indent?

What is the meaning of hanging indent?

A hanging indent is an indent that indents all text except for the first line. There are a few ways to create hanging indents. Hanging Indents Using Ctrl+T. On most computers, you can create a hanging indent by selecting the line you want indented and then holding down the Ctrl and T buttons at the same time.

What does indent mean in English?

to order by an indent

What does indent left mean?

Left Line Indent Indents all the lines of the paragraph a specified distance from the left margin.

What is the meaning of indented coastline?

Indented coast line are those coasts where the coast line is not smmoth and there are a number of cuts and bays all along the coast giving rise to a number of deltas and creeks. Their angular, capricious, and deeply indented coasts are rich in gulfs and peninsulas.

Which coastline is indented how is it useful?

Indented Coastlines are those that aren’t smooth and have cuts or indents along its length thereby leading to the formation of inland waterways and creeks. The coast line of the Atlantic ocean has such an indented pattern thus making it suitable for natural harbors.

Which ocean has a highly indented coastline What has this led to?

The coastline of Atlantic Ocean is highly indented. This irregular and indented coastline provides ideal location for natural harbours and ports. From the point of view of commerce, it is the busiest Ocean. The Indian Ocean is the only ocean named after a country, that is, India.

Why is the coastline of Europe highly indented?

Answer:The coastline of Europe is highly indented (broken) due to large number of sea and bays. The coastline of continent is indented due to large number of natural harbour and port sites.

Which is the longest river of Europe?

Volga River

What is the deadliest river?

Top 10 Most Dangerous Rivers in the World

  • Congo River. Location: Africa.
  • Nile River. Location: Africa.
  • Amazon River. Location: South America.
  • Mississippi River. Location: North America.
  • Mekong River. Location: Asia.
  • Yangtze River. Location: Asia.
  • Orinoco River. Location: South America.
  • Zambezi River. Location: Africa. Dangerous aspect: Fast flow and dangerous rapids.

Which is the busiest river in the world?

Yangtze River

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