What is the most valuable possession in life?

What is the most valuable possession in life?

Men’s top 20 prized possessions

  • Home.
  • Family photos.
  • Car.
  • Wedding ring.
  • Photographs of deceased relatives.
  • Family pet.
  • Laptop.
  • Photographs of significant other.

What does most prized possession mean?

Prized Possession from the Dictionary: “The biggest thing in your life, the one thing you couldn’t imagine your life without” “Something you care for deeply above all else” “It could be anything you cherish close to your own heart and can be worth millions or worth nothing to someone else”

What is my most treasured possession?

My most treasured possession would be memories with loved ones. Most of my material things can be lost or stolen but the memories we continue to make will be there forever….

What is your Favourite possession and why?

In my view, my car is my favourite possession because it has allowed me to be more independent and go out wherever I want without requesting my parents. My car is a big and green car with a big area at the bactrunk where we can carry goods and machines from the countryside….

What’s another word for prized possession?

What is another word for most prized possession?

obsession pride
showpiece treasure
poster child pride and joy
the apple of your eye pick
best elite

What is another word for possession?

In this page you can discover 58 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for possession, like: property, lack, something possessed, personal property, settlement, hold, ownership, mastery, real estate, territory and dependency.

What are examples of possessions?

Possession is the state of having something or something that is owned. An example of possession is for a person to have their mother’s keys in their pocket. An example of possession is a person’s favorite necklace. A possessing or being possessed, as by ownership or occupancy; hold.

What is another word for treasure?

What is another word for treasure?

riches fortune
plunder richness
valuables wealth
booty cash
gold money

What is opposite of treasure?

treasure(n) Antonyms: trash, offal, refuse, scum, dregs, dirt. Synonyms: jewel, store, valuable, cash, bullion, accumulation, abundance, stock, wealth, riches, hoard, gem, paragon, model.

What’s the meaning of valuable?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1a : having monetary value. b : worth a good price. 2a : having desirable or esteemed characteristics or qualities valuable friendships.

How do you describe a treasure?

Here are some adjectives for treasure: international, temporal, major sunken, usually sanctified, inexhaustible and noble, talented, industrious and obedient, wicked, bloody, rich and almost inexhaustible, highest noblest, cultural and ecological, absurd, useless, selflessly loyal, unknown, priceless, dear but too …

What is another word for treasure chest?

What is another word for treasure chest?

coffer strongbox
casket repository
safe case
chest trunk
ark box

What does Treasurable mean?

worthy of being treasured

How do you describe a treasure chest?

Here are some adjectives for treasure chest: huge unopened, brimful, heavy metal, unopened, inexhaustible, regimental, padded, spanish, veritable, private, royal, military, fake, foolish, national, metal, personal, mysterious, special, empty, heavy, absolute, average, mental, broad, huge, open, true, whole.

What does priceless mean?

1a : having a value beyond any price : invaluable. b : costly because of rarity or quality : precious. 2 : having worth in terms of other than market value.

Is there a word Treasurable?

treas·ure. 1. Accumulated or stored wealth in the form of money, jewels, or other valuables: search for buried treasure; spending much of the national treasure on armaments.

Is Priceless good or bad?

This is because priceless is used always to qualify something of great or outstanding value or worth hence good whereas worthless means no or low value or worth mostly used when comparing with another thing or item of relatively higher value, so it is a bad thing.

Can a person be priceless?

A person for whom you feel great affection and who you find charming and amusing is an example of someone who you would describe as priceless. Of inestimable worth; invaluable. Highly amusing, absurd, or odd. A priceless remark.

Is Priceless a compliment?

“Priceless” is a perfectly valid term of endearment. As proof, I just tried it on my wife: If your wife wanted to be clever, she could play off of the word “priceless” to counter that she’s actually very, very expensive. But by default it should be taken as a compliment….

What is a priceless moment?

adj. 1 of inestimable worth; beyond valuation; invaluable. 2 Informal extremely amusing or ridiculous.

Does priceless mean free?

1. having a value beyond all price; invaluable; precious: a priceless artwork.

What things are priceless?

7 Priceless Things That Money Will Never Be Able To Buy

  1. Time. In reality, time is the only valuable currency on the planet – it is the only currency with intrinsic value.
  2. Love. You can buy sex.
  3. Happiness.
  4. Courage.
  5. Intellect.
  6. Purpose.
  7. A Legacy.

What we Cannot buy with money?

Money can buy the trappings of high society, but it can’t buy character, integrity, morals, or class. 13. Money can buy flattery, but not self-esteem. Money can buy the appearance of a happy life, but it can’t buy true happiness.

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