What is the net force in this diagram?

What is the net force in this diagram?

If two forces act on an object in opposite directions and they don’t exactly cancel, what is left over is the net force (the difference in the forces). If two(or more) forces act on an object in the same direction, the net force is the sum of the forces. In the diagram at left, the net force is 30 Newtons to the right.

What is normal force in physics?

The normal force is the force that surfaces exert to prevent solid objects from passing through each other. Normal force is a contact force. If two surfaces are not in contact, they can’t exert a normal force on each other. The “normal” here refers to perpendicular.

How do you find FF in physics?

Fnet can be found using Fnet = m • a = (4 kg) • (2.5 m/s/s) =10 N, right. Since the mass is known, Fgrav can be found: Fgrav = m • g = 4 kg • 9.8 m/s/s = 39.2 N. Since there is no vertical acceleration, the normal force equals the gravity force.

What is the most powerful force of nature?

The strong force – Also called the strong nuclear interaction, this is the strongest of all fundamental forces of nature. In fact, it is somewhere in the region of 6 thousand trillion trillion trillion times more powerful than gravity! This is the force that binds all fundamental particles of matter together.

What is the weakest force in the universe?

Actually, gravity is the weakest of the four fundamental forces. Ordered from strongest to weakest, the forces are 1) the strong nuclear force, 2) the electromagnetic force, 3) the weak nuclear force, and 4) gravity.

Where is gravity the weakest on earth?

6 Answers. Lowest gravity on earth surface is near Sri Lanka based on the articles below. A late 2013 research paper publish on Science Daily by Curtin University mentions that the point on the Earth’s surface with the lowest gravity is Mount Huascarán in Peru.

Can gravity be reversed?

In the 20th century, Newton’s model was replaced by general relativity where gravity is not a force but the result of the geometry of spacetime. Under general relativity, anti-gravity is impossible except under contrived circumstances.

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