What is the opposite of voyage?

What is the opposite of voyage?

What is the opposite of voyage?

stay residence
sojourn tarry

What is another name for Voyage?

In this page you can discover 22 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for voyage, like: journey, expedition, travel, trip, excursion, safari, crossing, cruise, tour, jaunt and undertaking.

What is the end of a voyage called?

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end of a voyage
A detailed record of a voyage of a ship or aircraft (3)
In the middle of a voyage

Why is it called a maiden voyage?

The first experience, as in This tennis tournament is my maiden voyage in statewide competition. This term, originally meaning the first voyage of a ship, was first recorded in 1901, but the use of maiden to signify “the first time” dates from the mid-1500s.

What does Voyager mean in English?

A voyager is someone who goes on a long trip, especially if he travels in a ship. Historically, voyagers have often been explorers.

What does Bon Voyage mean?

: an expression of good wishes when someone leaves on a journey : goodbye —often used interjectionally.

What was Boycott Class 10?

Boycott is an act of refusal to buy, use or participate. It is a way of protesting. Here, Indians boycotted British goods in order to protest against the British rule.

What are some famous boycotts?


Time frame Participants Main article
Mohandas Gandhi Indian independence movement Swadeshi movement
1955–1968 African Americans Civil Rights Movement Montgomery bus boycott
1961–1983 West Berlin Berlin S-Bahn#Cold War
United Farm Workers Delano grape strike

What is the difference between boycott and ban?

As verbs the difference between boycott and ban is that boycott is to abstain, either as an individual or group, from using, buying, or dealing with someone or some organization as an expression of protest while ban is (obsolete) to summon; call out.

What is another word for boycott?

In this page you can discover 23 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for boycott, like: blackball, avoid, protest, blacklist, patronise, protest-against, patronize, shut out, bar, strike and embargo.

What is similar to boycott?

SYNONYMS. ban, bar, veto, embargo, moratorium, prohibition, proscription, interdict, injunction, sanction, restriction, barrier. avoidance, shunning, rejection, refusal.

How do you spell boycott in English?

To boycott means to stop buying or using the goods or services of a certain company or country as a protest; the noun boycott is the protest itself. This noun comes from the name of Charles C. Boycott, an English land agent in 19th-century Ireland who refused to reduce rents for his tenant farmers.

Is Buycott a word?

The opposite of a boycott: deliberately purchasing a company’s or a country’s products in support of their policies, or to counter a boycott. To support (a company, country, etc.)

What fulfill means?

transitive verb. 1a : to put into effect : execute He fulfilled his pledge to cut taxes. b : to meet the requirements of (a business order) Their order for more TVs was promptly fulfilled. c : to measure up to : satisfy She hasn’t yet fulfilled the requirements needed to graduate.

Is injustice a formal word?

noun. the quality or fact of being unjust; inequity. violation of the rights of others; unjust or unfair action or treatment.

What word is almost the same as injustice?

Some common synonyms of injustice are grievance, injury, and wrong. While all these words mean “an act that inflicts undeserved hurt,” injustice applies to any act that involves unfairness to another or violation of one’s rights.

Does injustice mean unfairness?

Injustice is a quality relating to unfairness or undeserved outcomes. The term may be applied in reference to a particular event or situation, or to a larger status quo. In Western philosophy and jurisprudence, injustice is very commonly—but not always—defined as either the absence or the opposite of justice.

What do you call someone who speaks up against injustice?

In recent years people who fight against injustice and for equality have been called social justice warriors. The phrase originated in the late 20th century as a neutral or positive term for people engaged in social justice activism.

How do you express injustice?

Injustice synonyms

  1. inequity. A lack of justice; injustice.
  2. wrong. The condition of being in error or at fault:
  3. outrage. An excessively violent or vicious.
  4. infringement. Violation of a copyright, patent, or trademark.
  5. favoritism.
  6. miscarriage of justice.
  7. right (antonym)
  8. just decision (antonym)

What makes something unjust?

1. The definition of unjust is something unfair or not morally right. If an innocent man is found guilty because the police lied, this is an example of an unjust verdict. adjective.

What unjust laws exist today?

  • Money Bail.
  • Private Bail Companies.
  • Suspended Drivers Licenses.
  • Excessive Mandatory Minimum Sentences.
  • Wealth-Based Banishment That Outlaws Low-Income Housing.
  • Private Probation Abuses.
  • Parking Tickets to Debtors’ Prison.
  • Sex Offense Registration Laws.

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