What is the origin of the word flashlight?

What is the origin of the word flashlight?

Etymology. Early flashlights ran on zinc–carbon batteries, which could not provide a steady electric current and required periodic “rest” to continue functioning. Consequently, they could be used only in brief flashes, hence the common North American name “flashlight”.

What do the English call a flashlight?

use the term “flashlight”, but everywhere else in the English-speaking world, it’s called a “torch”.

What’s another word for flashlight?

What is another word for flashlight?

light torch
flash lamp
lantern penlight
beacon searchlight
illuminant gaslight

What is the word Torch mean?

1 : a burning stick of resinous wood or twist of tow used to give light and usually carried in the hand : flambeau. 2 : something (such as tradition, wisdom, or knowledge) likened to a torch as giving light or guidance pass the torch to the next generation.

What does torching mean in slang?

(tr) slang to set fire to, esp deliberately as an act of arson.

What is Torch syndrome?

A TORCH infection, also known as TORCH syndrome, is an infection of the developing fetus or newborn that can occur in utero, during delivery, or after birth. It can be caused by any one of a group of infectious agents indicated in the acronym TORCH: Toxoplasma gondii.

In which month of pregnancy torch test is done?

The baby is more sensitive to harm from infection during the first 3 to 4 months of the pregnancy. This test is used to screen infants for TORCH infections. These infections may lead to the following problems in the baby: Birth defects.

Why is torch test done?

The TORCH panel is a group of tests used to screen newborns and, sometimes, pregnant women for certain infections that can cause birth defects in a baby if the mother contracts them during the pregnancy. The tests detect antibodies produced by the immune system when exposed to the infectious diseases.

What is the cost of torch test?

These can cause birth defects in newborns and illness in adults presence of IgM antibodies in the newborn indecates high likelihood of infection with that organism….Torch IgM Test in Chandigarh Tricity Mohali.

TORCH PANEL-4, IgM Cities and cost Best Price from NABL approved Lab
Torch IgM Rs. 790

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