What is the passing marks in AKTU semester exam?

What is the passing marks in AKTU semester exam?

8.4 The minimum pass marks in each theory subject (including sessional marks) shall be 40% with a minimum of 30% marks in each theory paper in the end semester examination. If there is no provision of sessional marks in any subject, the minimum pass marks in that subject shall be 30% in the end semester examination.

What is the grading system in AKTU?

denoted by letters A+,A, B+, B, C, D, E and F. (ix) Grade Point: It is a numerical weightage allotted to each letter grade on a 10-point scale. (x) Credit: A unit by which the course work is measured. (xi) Credit Point: It is the product of grade point and number of credits for a course.

Does AKTU give grace marks?

Lucknow: Students of APJ Kalam Technical University (AKTU) will now have the flexibility to use grace marks in any semester and in any year of the course. Now, a student has flexibility of using 40 grace marks in any year as per the requirement.

What is special grace in AKTU?

Previous UPTU AKTU Grace Marks Rule: A student used to get 40 grace marks in a 4-year-course with the restriction that only 10 marks can be used in a year and maximum five marks to clear a subject.

What is PWG in AKTU?

PWG basically stands for ‘pass with grace’. Grace means you can say a mercy gift to candidate . In a.k.t.u. 40 marks can be given to any candidate in 4years of engineering.

What is CP 1 in AKTU result?

CP stands for conceded pass. For more information on conceded passes see Conceded passes on the Final results page.

Is internship compulsory in AKTU?

Meanwhile, to facilitate job placements, AKTU has made summer internship mandatory in all four years of BTech course. The first year internship should be of 3-4 weeks, the second year of 4-5 weeks, while the third and the final year should be of 5-6 weeks.

What is carry over paper?

The carryover examinations are conducted by the university after releasing the result of regular courses. Those students who clear the examination by scoring the minimum marks need to qualify the exam, get promoted in next semester.

How fill AKTU carry over?

Carry On Examinations For AKTU: How To Fill Them Online

  1. Go to the official website of AKTU or CLICK HERE.
  2. Click on the student dashboard from the homepage.
  3. Student Dashboard must open, if you are not able to do so, you can CLICK HERE.
  4. Look for the option for “Fill Examination Form” and click on it.

How can I get Marksheet in AKTU?

Step 1: Generate Token by entering Roll No, Mobile No, Email Id and verify your Mobile No by providing correct OTP. Step 2: Fill form by entering your Token No, Roll No and providing your basic detail and choose services i.e Migration, Marksheet, Transcript and Degree.

Why was AKTU Cancelled?

A large number of students of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University (AKTU) have jointly raised their voice, on Twitter, demanding cancellation of examinations and promoting students to the next level because appearing in the online test is next to impossible owing to the poor internet connectivity especially in the …

Is AKTU even semester exam Cancelled 2021?

www.aktu.ac.in Date sheet 2021 Regular & Carry Over The Uttar Pradesh Technical University is now conducting the final End Semester Practical & Theory exams for Even Semester. Therefore they have to complete their preparation to held the exams smoothly.

How can I get good score in AKTU?

How to Score good marks in UPTU/APJAKTU semester exams

  1. As the semester gets started then ask your Teachers about the books that can be purchased about that particular subject then purchase that book according to the UPTU syllabus.
  2. Start your slow but steady preparation from the starting of the semester.

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