What is the plot of The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde?

What is the plot of The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde?

Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson is a narrative about the complexities of science and the duplicity of human nature. Dr Jekyll is a kind, well-respected and intelligent scientist who meddles with the darker side of science, as he wants to bring out his ‘second’ nature.

Who lives in Cavendish Jekyll?

Jekyll’s death or disappearance, Edward Hyde will be the prime beneficiary of the estate. Cavendish Square: The western section of London where Dr. Lanyon lives, Cavendish Square is known for its affluence. Soho: The section of London where Edward Hyde lives, Soho is infamous for its seediness and decrepitude.

What does Dr Jekyll’s will stipulate?

Jekyll’s will stipulate? After the death or prolonged absence (exceeding three months) of Dr. Jekyll, all of his assets will be given to Mr. Hyde.

What does the cane represent in Jekyll and Hyde?

The cane that belonged to Jekyll/Hyde is a handy symbol of the acknowledge. It was a gift from Utterson and represented friendship , although it was used by Hyde as a murder weapon representing how ideas can become different.

Why does the chemist at maws get Main angry?

In which Chapter is Jekyll described as looking ‘deathly sick’? Why does the chemist at Maws, as referenced in chapter 8 get ‘main angry’? – As his substance is being accused of being impure. What does poole use to break down the door of the cabinet?

What does sorely contorted mean?

The use of the phrase ‘sorely contorted’ illustrates how science changed who Jekyll was and who he became. It ‘contorted’ his very self. The short time period of a week illustrates how quickly Dr Lanyon’s health deteriorated because of Dr Jekyll’s revelation.

Which character breaks down the door to Jekyll’s Cabinet with an AXE?


Why is Hyde physically smaller than Jekyll?

Jekyll has spent most of his life trying to be good and doing good things. So naturally his evil side isn’t all that big. Because of that, Hyde is smaller and younger than Jekyll. Hyde is younger because the evil part of Jekyll hasn’t been used as much and isn’t as tired as the good.

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