What is the purpose of a Petcock?

What is the purpose of a Petcock?

A petcock is a small shut-off valve used to control the flow of liquid or gas. Historically, petcocks were threaded valves controlled by a butterfly handle; modern petcocks are typically ball valves.

Which way is on for a Petcock?

You are in the “ON” position. Counter clockwise is “OFF”. Clockwise is “RESERVE”. Check it by turning to the off position and pull off the gas line.

Where is the Petcock valve located?

The petcock is usually always located in the corner of the radiator.

How do you fix a clogged Petcock?

If there are two little screws holding a metal plate on the front of the petcock, loosen them before unscrewing the petcock from the gas tank. Pull the selector knob off. Using something pointy, gentle pry the four holed rubber grommet out of the petcock. Wash the petcock out with clean gasoline.

How does a Petcock valve work?

The way a vacuum petcock works is the vacuum pulls the diaphragm back, compressing a spring and releasing pressure on a ball or some other sort of valve, this allows fuel to flow around the ball and to the carb.

How does an ATV Petcock work?

The petcock valve has a tube that sticks up inside the gas tank. When the valve is in the “on” position, it takes fuel through the top part of the tube. When the valve is in the “reserve” position, it takes fuel from the bottom of the tube.

How do you test a vacuum Petcock?

If fuel comes out when you suck (create vacuum) on the vacuum hose on the “on & reserve” setting then the petcock is operating properly! Fuel should flow on the “prime” setting with no vacuum applied to the hose. If fuel is flowing ALL the time with no vacuum applied then you have a bad vacuum diaphragm.

Why does my carb keeps overflowing?

When the tip of the valve becomes worn or debris prevents the closing of the valve, fuel flows continuously into the bowl thus flooding the engine. Under severe conditions gas may soak the air filter or overflow out of the carburetor and onto the ground while parked.

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