What is the radio channel for Fox News?

What is the radio channel for Fox News?

The programs are broadcast on terrestrial radio stations in the United States as well as a dedicated channel on SiriusXM Satellite Radio’s digital platform on Channel 450. Channel 450 also carries the five-minute Fox Newscast at the start of each hour and the one-minute Fox News update at 30 minutes after each hour.

When did the all news radio format first debut?

WINS began broadcasting its all-news format in April 1965. A second New York all-news station, CBS-owned WCBS, began all-news programming on August 28, 1967 (although its first broadcasts were on its FM sister station after a plane crashed into its tower, knocking the AM station off the air).

What happened to Fox News talk on XM?

On May 4, 2011, Fox News Talk moved to XM 126 from XM 168 and to Sirius 126 from Sirius 145. It now airs on both Sirius and XM at Channel 450. As of no later than October 12, 2019, Fox News Talk was removed from the SiriusXM lineup.

What station is Sean Hannity on the radio?

The Sean Hannity Show is a right wing conservative talk radio show hosted by Sean Hannity. The program is broadcast live every weekday, from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. ET. The show is produced in the New York City studios of radio station WOR and is sometimes transmitted via ISDN from Hannity’s home in Centre Island, New York.

How do I contact Fox News?

Call Fox News at 1-888-369-4762. You can use this phone number if you have a general inquiry, comment, suggestion, or concern.

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