What is the relationship between the magnitude of an earthquake and its duration?

What is the relationship between the magnitude of an earthquake and its duration?

So the larger the area of the fault that ruptures, the longer the duration of the earthquake. And larger magnitude earthquakes have larger fault areas. So there is a general relationship between duration and magnitude.

Does duration affect the intensity of an earthquake?

Earthquake duration increases with increasing earthquake magnitude. When an earthquake is of a larger magnitude, the dimensions of fault rupture is larger.

What factors influence earthquake damage?

Ground shaking is the primary cause of earthquake damage to man-made structures. Many factors influence the strength of earthquake shaking at a site including the earthquake’s magnitude, the site’s proximity to the fault, the local geology, and the soil type.

How far away can an earthquake cause damage?

A magnitude 5.5 eastern U.S. earthquake usually can be felt as far as 300 miles from where it occurred, and sometimes causes damage out to 25 miles. Earthquakes everywhere occur on faults within bedrock, usually several miles deep.

What 4 factors affect the intensity of an earthquake?

Some factors that affect intensity are the distance away from the epicenter, the depth of the earthquake, the population density of the area affected by the earthquake, the local geology of the are, the type of building construction in the area, and the duration of the shaking.

What is the longest earthquake time?

The 1960 Valdivia earthquake (Spanish: Terremoto de Valdivia) or the Great Chilean earthquake (Gran terremoto de Chile) on 22 May 1960 was the most powerful earthquake ever recorded….1960 Valdivia earthquake.

Iquique Santiago Punta Arenas
UTC time 1960-05-22 19:11:14
Duration approx. 10 minutes
Magnitude 9.4–9.6 Mw
Depth 33 km (21 mi)

How long would a 10 earthquake last?

It’s doubtful that there are any fault lines on Earth big enough to release a magnitude 10 earthquake, but if one happened, you could expect the ground to shake just as hard as a magnitude 9, but for a lot longer – perhaps as much as 30 minutes.

What is the highest intensity of earthquake?

Science Center Objects

Mag Alternative Name
1. 9.5 Valdivia Earthquake
2. 9.2 1964 Great Alaska Earthquake, Prince William Sound Earthquake, Good Friday Earthquake
3. 9.1 Sumatra-Andaman Islands Earthquake, 2004 Sumatra Earthquake and Tsunami, Indian Ocean Earthquake
4. 9.1 Tohoku Earthquake

How strong is intensity 2 earthquake?

PHIVOLCS Earthquake Intensity Scale (PEIS)

Intensity Scale Shaking
II Slightly Felt
III Weak
IV Moderately Strong
V Strong

How strong is intensity 6 earthquake?

Earthquake magnitude

magnitude level category effects
5.0–5.9 moderate some damage to weak structures
6.0–6.9 strong moderate damage in populated areas
7.0–7.9 major serious damage over large areas; loss of life
8.0 and higher great severe destruction and loss of life over large areas

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