What is the relationship between wavelength and frequency astro7n?

What is the relationship between wavelength and frequency astro7n?

What is the relationship between wavelength and frequency? If frequency increases, the wavelength decreases.

What type of EM wave has the shortest wavelength?

gamma rays

Which among the following electromagnetic waves has the shortest wavelength?

gamma ray

Which radiation emitted from the sun has highest wavelength?

For the Sun, the wavelength at which the maximum energy is emitted is 520 nanometers, which is near the middle of that portion of the electromagnetic spectrum called visible light.

What wavelength is sunlight?

Sunlight, or the solar radiation spectrum, includes bands between 100 nm and 1 mm, which encompasses ultraviolet, visible and infrared radiation.

Does the sun emit a frequency?

The Sun emits radio waves since it’s hot hot (it is said that it is a thermal source and then emits radio waves more at high frequencies) but there is a strong emission even at lower frequencies (in the field of non-thermal sources) for the mechanism of synchrotron radiation which derives from the movement of high …

Does the sun emit long or short wavelength energy?

The earth-atmosphere energy balance is the balance between incoming energy from the Sun and outgoing energy from the Earth. Energy released from the Sun is emitted as shortwave light and ultraviolet energy.

What wavelength does the Earth emit?

Outgoing Long-wave Radiation (OLR) is electromagnetic radiation of wavelengths from 3–100 μm emitted from Earth and its atmosphere out to space in the form of thermal radiation. It is also referred to as up-welling long-wave radiation and terrestrial long-wave flux, among others.

What color light does Earth mostly emit?

All of the visible frequencies mixed together produce white. (Note that this white also results from the combination of only red, green, and blue light (the additive primary colors).) Our Earth atmosphere predominately contains nitrogen and oxygen molecules.

What wavelength does co2 absorb?


What color of light does Earth emit?

The sunlight that we experience on the surface of earth has been filtered by the atmosphere and is slightly different. The atmosphere tends to scatter out blue and violet more than the other colors. As a result, direct sunlight on the surface of the earth is slightly redder than sunlight in space.

Which indicates waves with highest frequency?

The microwave region of the electromagnetic (EM) spectrum is generally considered to overlap with the highest frequency (shortest wavelength) radio waves. As is the case for all EM waves, microwaves travel in a vacuum at the speed of light.

What wavelength is dangerous?


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