What is the space between a dendrite and an axon called quizlet?

What is the space between a dendrite and an axon called quizlet?


What is the space between a dendrite and an axon called neurotransmitter synapse lobe ventricle?

Neurons communicate between the axon of one neuron and the dendrites, and sometimes the cell body, of another neuron across the gap between them, known as the synaptic cleft.

What are the spaces between neurons called?

The synapse is a very small space between two neurons and is an important site where communication between neurons occurs. Once neurotransmitters are released into the synapse, they travel across the small space and bind with corresponding receptors on the dendrite of an adjacent neuron.

What is the space between the terminal button and the dendrite?

synaptic cleft

Is the gap between two neurons?

Synapse- Synapse is also known as a neuronal junction, as they connect two neurons. They are the site of the transmission of electric nerve impulses or chemical signals between the two neurons. It contains a small gap that separates neurons.

What is the fluid filled gap between neurons?

Which of the following is the gap between two nerve cells?


What are bundles of axons called?

A bundle of axons is called a nerve in the peripheral nervous system and a tract in the central nervous system.

Which of the following is the term for the gap between two nerve cells quizlet?

The junction between the branches of adjacent neurons is called the synapse. At the synapse the neurons do not actually join, there is a small gap, most synapses occur between the end branches of an axon of one neuron, and the receptor cells in dendrite. Message is carried across synapse.

What are electrical impulses in the brain called?

Neurons carry electrical signals, called nerve impulses, which can be passed on to other neurons. This continous buzzing of signals allows you to think, feel, and move. The neurons consist of a cell body sprouting with dendrites, which receive signals from other neurons.

Which animal brain has the most neurons?

African elephant brain

Who has bigger brain cat or dog?

A joint study between six universities from US, Brazil, Denmark, and South Africa has found that dogs have twice as many neurons in their cerebral cortex compared to cats. Specifically, dogs had around 530 million neurons, whereas cats only had 250 million neurons, which suggests that dogs are more intelligent.

What animal has the smoothest brain?


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