What is the summer reading theme for 2020?

What is the summer reading theme for 2020?

The working theme for 2020 will be Fairytales, Mythology, Fantasy. The Collaborative is pleased to work together on behalf of children, teens and adults and looks forward to exploring, with you, ways in which we can help improve the lives of all summer reading participants.

How do I make a summer reading list?

How To Create Your Own Summer Reading Syllabus

  1. Pick 1-2 books that help you meet your personal reading goals for the year.
  2. Pick 1-2 books that address personal challenges and/or personal growth.
  3. Pick 2-3 books that are in a favorite genre.
  4. Pick 1-2 books that you’ve been meaning to reread.
  5. Pick 1-2 books that support your career goals.

How much knowledge do you lose over the summer?

On average, students lose 2 months of reading skills over the summer.

What is the summer slide reading?

Page 1. Summer Slide. and the Importance of Reading over the Summer. “Summer slide” is the tendency for students, especially those from low-income families, to lose some of the achievement gains they made during the previous school year.

Why do students need summer break?

Along with relaxation, summer break brings unique opportunities to learn and develop social skills. New educational and social experiences can happen at the park, or during family vacations and other outings where children can freely and organically practice appropriate interactions.

How long is Japanese summer break?

Japanese schools have three semesters, separated by vacations. At most schools, summer vacation covers the 40-odd days from July 20 to August 31; winter and spring vacation both last around 10 days, from December 26 to around January 6 and March 25 to around April 5, respectively.

Do students benefit from the two month summer break?

Also, students benefit from the two-month summer break because they can relieve stress. The break allows students to relieve stress that has been built up from the school year. The break allows the students to re-coop and calm their stress down. Also, it allows them to play/do sports or activities that they enjoy.

Why is year round school bad?

One reason for year-round school is to eliminate long breaks, which cause students to forget lessons they learned during the school year. The on-again, off-again schedule can disrupt learning for some students. Also, short-term child care may be difficult for families.

Why should school breaks be longer?

Reducing breaktimes increases class time but takes away valuable recreation and leisure time which in itself provides important learning opportunities. Breaktimes are crucial for ensuring all children, no matter their ability or background, have access to places and time to play.

What are the cons of recess?


  • Legal liability pushes schools against the recess debate because of children getting hurt on equipment or equipment not meeting certain standards and upkeep.
  • Danger of sexual predators or strangers.
  • Bullying can thrive on playgrounds.
  • Recess takes up valuable instructional time.

Why shouldn’t kids have longer recess?

It is essential that recess is longer. If not, students won’t be able to focus in class, get enough exercise to be healthy, or interact with other kids and make friends. Therefore, recess must be longer. If students have longer recess they will burn off energy and can focus more in class.

Why is recess being eliminated?

When recess is eliminated or reduced, it is often because a school is allocating more time to subjects covered on standardized tests, aiming to improve student achievement. But a 2010 report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found positive associations between recess and academic performance.

Should 6th graders have recess?

After children have let off steam during recess, they fidget less in the classroom and are better able to concentrate on their schoolwork. Plus, they have also had the opportunity to enhance their social skills through interacting with peers.

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