What is the superlative and comparative of ill?

What is the superlative and comparative of ill?

Adjective. ill (comparative worse or iller or more ill, superlative worst or illest or most ill)

What is the comparative and superlative degree of terrible?

Superlative means in the highest degree and is not applicable to least terrible which means terrible in the lowest degree.

Is ill an adjective or adverb?

ill (adverb) ill (noun) ill–advised (adjective)

Is it Iller or more ill?

Is it grammatical to say ill, iller, illest? Yes indeed. The general rule is this: if you have a one-syllable adjective, it gets -er and -est; if it’s more than two, it gets “more” and “most.” Two-syllable words can go either way. “Ill” only has one syllable, so it properly takes the suffix.

What is the superlative of sick?


Is Iller a word?

Comparative form of ill: more ill.

What is the word Iller?

1a comparative also iller; superlative also illest. (1) : not in good health also : nauseated. (2) : not normal or sound ill health. b : causing suffering or distress ill weather. 2 : unfriendly, hostile ill feeling.

Is Illers a Scrabble word?

Yes, iller is in the scrabble dictionary.

What does Willer mean?

: one that wills especially : one that wields an influence (as in hypnotism) by means of the will.

Is Weller a word?

Is Weller a word? The short answer is yes. Weller is indeed a word.

What is the ill word?

Ill, sick mean being in bad health, not being well. Ill is the more formal word. In the U.S. the two words are used practically interchangeably except that sick is always used when the word modifies the following noun: He looks sick ( ill ); a sick person.

What type of noun is ill?

1[uncountable] the state of being physically or mentally ill mental illness I missed a lot of school through illness last year. These are all words for a medical problem. disease a medical problem affecting humans, animals, or plants, often caused by infection:He suffers from a rare blood disease.

What is the difference between ill and sick?

In summary, for minor illnesses or vague illnesses you can use ‘sick’, while for more serious illnesses you would probably use ‘ill’. If you follow this rule, then it will be easier for you to accurately describe how you or someone else is feeling.

What is the verb for ill?

Ill and sick are both adjectives that mean ‘not in good health’. We use both ill and sick after a verb such as be, become, feel, look or seem: I was ill for a time last year, but I’m fine now.

What words end with ill?

6-letter words that end in ill

  • thrill.
  • uphill.
  • infill.
  • refill.
  • shrill.
  • squill.
  • rebill.
  • oneill.

What words start with ill?

8-letter words that start with ill

  • illusion.
  • illusory.
  • illiquid.
  • illusive.
  • illumine.
  • illative.
  • illation.
  • illuvial.

What words end with OT?

8-letter words that end in ot

  • snapshot.
  • barefoot.
  • offshoot.
  • overshot.
  • crackpot.
  • forefoot.
  • polyglot.
  • bergamot.

What is the suffix of ill?

-sick ,suffix. -sick is used to form adjectives with the meanings “sick or ill of or from (the noun of the root)”:car + -sick → carsick (= sick from traveling in a car);air + -sick → airsick (= sick from flying in a plane).

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