What is the syllabus for ECE 1st year?

What is the syllabus for ECE 1st year?

B.Tech ECE (Electronics and Communications Engineering) Syllabus

Semester I Semester II
Network Synthesis and Analysis Data Structures
Chemistry Mathematics
Mathematics Techniques of Computation
Electrical Engineering Hardware Design

What is the main subject in ECE?

The field of Electronics and Communications Engineering has its foundations in three major technical areas: Mathematics: Information, Networks and Systems, Physics: Circuits, Semiconductor Devices & Optical Systems, and Computers: Microprocessors and Computing devices.

Is maths very tough in ECE?

Answer. Well according to me ECE is one of the toughest branch in engineering. It will be easy for you if you are good in mathematics and understand the logics of programming languages and are very good at grabbing knowledge related to circuits, digitalization, electronics and communication devices.

Is ECE full of maths?

No, math is not the main subject of ece however its play crucial role in better understanding of all the above mentioned subjects. The Above Are The Subjects Common To most Of the Universities And Institutions. No, Maths Is Not The Main Subject for your branch.

Which is the toughest semester in engineering?

For university of kerala, mechanical engineering, seventh semester is the toughest one, with three core papers – refrigeration and air conditioning, Gas Dynamics,Design of machine elements. along with this,there is mechatronics which is mainly an electronics based subject :D.

Is ECE tougher than CSE?

To the point of you know coding well then cse is easier than ece . If you know coding and good in mathematics(its all about maths) and having interest in Electronics than ece would also be easy.

What is the highest package for ECE students?

The highest salary package offered in the ECE department was 26 LPA, and the average salary package offered was 13.9 LPA. The median salary package offered was 13 LPA. Top recruiting companies for our course were Intel, Qualcomm, Microsoft, Samsung, DE Shaw, Amazon, etc.

Do ECE engineers get paid well?

2. Electronics Field Engineers. Electronics field engineers can earn salaries of around $117k per year; with most companies also paying a commission or bonus payment which can result in considerably higher net pay.

Is ECE good for placement?

ECE is the All- Rounder Branch of Engineering: Advantage comes in Job and placement too. If IT job is your destination, then there is no need to master programming languages. With a basic knowledge and logic of programming, an ECE engineer can do wonders with training provided by these companies.

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