What is the unit of G Class 9?

What is the unit of G Class 9?

In SI units, G has the value 6.67 × 10-11 Newtons kg-2 m2. The direction of the force is in a straight line between the two bodies and is attractive. Thus, an apple falls from a tree because it feels the gravitational force of the Earth and is therefore subject to “gravity”.

What is SI unit of G G?

g is the acceleration due to gravity. The value of acceleration due to gravity has maximum value at poles and minimum value at equator. The acceleration due to gravity has both the magnitude as well as direction. Hence, it is a vector quantity. The SI unit of g is m/s.

What is SI of G?

g =Gravity of Earth. S.I Unit of g is m/sec -Metre per second. If in newton it is N/Kg -newton per kilogrammes..

Where is the value of G greater?

Answer. The value of ‘g’ that is gravity is greater at the poles because the gravitational pull is maximum at the poles and decreases as it comes down toward the equator.

What is the value of g in CGS?


What is the value of G on moon?

approximately 1.625 m/s2

What is the value of G *?

The value of g varies from one massive body to another….Value of gravity.

Planet/Sattelite Earth
Radius(m) 6.4 × 106
Mass(Kg) 6 × 1024
Value of g (m/s2) 9.8

What is the weight of a body during free fall?

A freely falling object has weight W=mg, where W-weight, m-mass of the object and g-acceleration produced due to the earth’s gravity. An object kept in a lift which falls freely, weighs zero on the weighing machine, but its actual weight is still mg.

Why is there weightlessness in free fall?

When in free fall, the only force acting upon your body is the force of gravity – a non-contact force. Since the force of gravity cannot be felt without any other opposing forces, you would have no sensation of it. As such, you would experience a weightless sensation.

Can weight of a body be zero?

Weight can be zero when acceleration due to gravity is zero. The value of ‘g’ is maximum on the surface of the Earth and decreases on going inside the surface or above the surface of the Earth. Thus, the weight of a body will be zero at the centre of the Earth.

How does weight affect free fall?

Mass does not affect the speed of falling objects, assuming there is only gravity acting on it. Both bullets will strike the ground at the same time. The horizontal force applied does not affect the downward motion of the bullets — only gravity and friction (air resistance), which is the same for both bullets.

Where is the true weight of the body zero?

The true weight of a body will be zero where the gravitational effects are nil, e.g., at the centre of earth.

Could a body of mass m has a weight equal to zero?

Answer. A body can never have mass equal to zero, but its weight can be zero when the gravity is not there,e.g in space , at center of earth the gravity is zero so weight is zero.

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