What is the vegetation in Himalayas?

What is the vegetation in Himalayas?

Tropical evergreen rainforest is confined to the humid foothills of the eastern and central Himalayas. The evergreen dipterocarps—a group of timber- and resin-producing trees—are common; their different species grow on different soils and on hill slopes of varying steepness.

Which type of vegetation is found in the higher reaches of Himalayas?

Coniferous Forests These forests are also seen in the higher altitudes. These are the trees which Salima found in the Himalayas in abundance. They are tall, softwood evergreen trees.

What is the weather in Himalaya?

The middle Himalayan valley ranges have a much more dramatic climate. The average summer temperature is around 25 degrees celsius and the winters get extremely cold (below freezing). Higher up in this region, the winters are even colder and in the summer, temperatures only reach 14-18 degrees celsius.

What country is Singapore a part of?

Once a British colony and now a member of the Commonwealth, Singapore first joined the Federation of Malaysia on its formation in 1963 but seceded to become an independent state on August 9, 1965. Singapore Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.

Is Singapore more humid than India?

The altitude of the sun at midday is overall 13.3° higher in Singapore than in New Delhi. Relative humidity levels are 26.1% higher. The mean dew point temperature is 8.3°C (14.9°F) higher.

Does it rain everyday in Singapore?

The weather is warm and humid all year round. Rainfall is almost an everyday phenomenon, even during the non-monsoon period. Due to its geographical location and maritime exposure, Singapore’s climate is characterized by uniform temperature and pressure, high humidity and abundant rainfall.

How bad is the humidity in Singapore?

Its daily variation is more marked, varying from more than 90% in the morning just before sunrise and falling to around 60% in the mid-afternoon on days when there is no rain. The mean annual relative humidity is 83.9%. Relative humidity frequently reaches 100% during prolonged periods of rain.

Does Singapore ever get cold?

The coldest temperature ever recorded in Singapore was 19.4C – the temperature pretty much stays between the mid 20s and low 30s during the daily cycle. Average daily highs vary from 30.0 to 31.7 according to climatic averages posted on Wikipedia – so a 2 degree variation through the entire year.

Why is Singapore never cold?

While Singapore is technically in the northern hemisphere – which means it’s technically winter in December – our proximity to the equator (only around 130km), means you don’t really get any sense of the four distinct seasons. Instead, the weather is dictated by monsoon systems.

Which language is mostly spoken in Singapore?

English as the main language of Singapore

Language 1990 2010
English 18.8 32.3
Mandarin 23.7 35.6
Chinese Dialects 14.3
Malay 14.3 12.2

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