What is the work of Po in Icici Bank?

What is the work of Po in Icici Bank?

The roles offered on joining the bank after successful completion of the Programme will involve sales, servicing, cross-selling and acquiring new customers through field visits as part of the duties/tasks assigned.

Which is better SBI PO or Icici po?

While SBI offers the highest pay package to its probationary officers, the other public sector banks also offer quite a handsome sum to the PO. The average public sector bank monthly and annual salary is way higher than that of a PO working in a leading private bank like ICICI. 8 lakh per year for SBI PO.

Can I join Icici po?

The candidates selected for ICIC PO Programme need to study Post Graduate Diploma in Banking (PGDB) by Post Graduate Diploma in Banking (PGDB). The Program fees will be Rs….ICICI Bank Recruitment 2021 for Probationary Officers:

Job Role Probationary Officers
Qualification Any Degree
Salary Rs 4 LPA+
Programme Fees Rs.3,78,604
PGDB Course Location IMA, Bengaluru

What is the age limit for Icici Bank PO?

25 years of

Is there any negative marking in Icici PO exam?

Question: Is there a negative mark for any wrong answers found in the ICICI Bank Po online tests? Answer: No negative marks are labelled for wrong answers in the ICICI Bank PO online tests.

Is SBI PO job risky?

Financial risks Operational risks can arise not only due to human errors but also due to IT or systems failure or failure of software. With lack of support from the officers’ union, one should brace up for such uncalled risks in their banking career.

Is Bank PO a bad job?

SBI PO is one of the most respected jobs in the country’s banking sector. Every year, millions of aspirants aim to become Probationary Officers (POs) at the country’s largest public-sector bank (PSB) but becoming an SBI PO is not easy and only a few succeed in making it to the elite commercial banking company.

Can SBI PO get home posting?

As a Probationary Officers in SBI you can be posted anywhere in India including places near to your hometown.

Is SBI PO worth joining?

Apart from it, SBI has always been at the top of the list among the candidates who want to apply for SBI PO. A job of a bank probationary officer is regarded as being a highly lucrative career option when it comes to getting a white-collar job. Every year lakh of candidates do apply for PO exams.

Which is better MBA or bank po?

Decent salary: There is a decent salary in bank or SSC jobs, which is guaranteed every month on time. For example, the bank PO salary of a banker is pretty high in comparison to the salary of an MBA student upon placement. Less workload: The workload in the public sector is less in comparison to private-sector jobs.

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