What jobs does a senator perform check all that apply?

What jobs does a senator perform check all that apply?

Overseeing voting practices in the state’s voting districts E. Managing staff members who handle scheduling.

What jobs does a senator perform quizlet?

Duties of a Senator:

  • meet with constituents.
  • manage a staff.
  • represent state interests.
  • make laws.
  • serve on a committee.

Which of the following are powers specific to the Senate Check all that apply?

The correct answer is: Approving international treaties.

Which of the following are exclusive powers of the Senate?

In addition, the Senate has exclusive authority to approve–or reject–presidential nominations to executive and judicial offices, and to provide–or withhold–its “advice and consent” to treaties negotiated by the executive. The Senate also has the sole power to try impeachments.

What is a presiding officer in court?

The central reason that a presiding officer (PO) attends a disciplinary hearing is to hear and understand the evidence from both sides. The PO then assesses evidence collected at the hearing in order to decide whether the employee is guilty or not guilty of the charges.

What do you call a judge in court?

In person: In an interview, social event, or in court, address a judge as “Your Honor” or “Judge [last name].” If you are more familiar with the judge, you may call her just “Judge.” In any context, avoid “Sir” or “Ma’am.”

Is a magistrate a judge?

In United States federal courts, magistrate judges are judges appointed to assist district court judges in the performance of their duties. Magistrate judges generally oversee first appearances of criminal defendants, set bail, and conduct other administrative duties.

Can a magistrate judge dismiss a case?

a judge may designate a magistrate judge to hear and determine any pretrial matter pending before the court, except a motion for injunctive relief, for judgment on the pleadings, for summary judgment, to dismiss or quash an indictment or information made by the defendant, to suppress evidence in a criminal case, to …

What is the longest sentence a magistrates can give?

In the Magistrates’ Court, the maximum sentence that can be imposed on an adult defendant for a single either-way offence is 6 months’ imprisonment and/or a fine. A defendant facing 2 or more either-way offences can be sentenced to a maximum of 12 months’ imprisonment and/or a fine. You can read more here about fines.

What is the purpose of magistrate judges?

Although their precise duties may change from district to district, Magistrate Judges often conduct mediations, resolve discovery disputes, and decide a wide variety of motions; determine whether criminal defendants will be detained or released on a bond; appoint counsel for such defendants (and, in the misdemeanor …

Do you call magistrate Your Honor?

Call the Magistrate ‘Your Honour’, ‘Sir’ or ‘Madam’. Call others in the courtroom (such as lawyers and witnesses) by their title and surname; for example, Mrs Citizen. Be polite. Do not be critical or offensive to people in court.

Should I consent to a magistrate judge?

Litigants are free to withhold consent without adverse consequences. If the parties do not timely consent to the Direct Assignment magistrate judge (or decline magistrate judge jurisdiction), the case will be randomly reassigned to a district judge and a magistrate judge as if it was a newly filed case.

What makes a good magistrate judge?

§ 631(b), is that one appointed as a Magistrate Judge must be “competent to perform the duties of office, of good moral character, emotionally stable and mature, com- mitted to equal justice under the law, in good health, patient, cour- teous, and capable of deliberation and decisiveness when required to act on his or …

What qualifications are required to be a magistrate?


  • Can be appointed from the age of 18, and retire at 70;
  • Are volunteers, and there are around 23,000 from all walks of life;
  • Do not need legal qualifications (they are assisted in court by a legal adviser);
  • Must be available to carry out at least 26 half-day court sittings a year;

What do magistrates do in civil cases?

What magistrates do. Magistrates are volunteers who hear cases in courts in their community. They can hear cases in the criminal court, the family court, or both. Each case is usually heard by 3 magistrates, including a magistrate who is trained to act as a chairperson.

How do you address a federal magistrate judge?

The official title of these judges is “United States Magistrate Judge.” To be consistent with the position’s judicial role and official title as prescribed by law, a United States Magistrate Judge should be addressed, orally and in writing, as “Judge.”

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