What kind of forests are found in Goa?

What kind of forests are found in Goa?

A major portion of the vegetation in Goa belongs to this category, which is further divided into four types viz. (a) Open Scrub jungle, (b) Moist deciduous forests, (c)Secondary moist mixed deciduous forests and (d)Sub-tropical hill forest.

Which state has largest forest in India?

Madhya Pradesh

How much of Goa is covered with forest?

The recorded forest area in the state is 1,224 km’ which is 33.06% of its geographical area. Of this, the Reserved Forests constitute 20.67%, Protected Forests 69.04% and Unclassed Forests 10.29% of the total forest area.

Which trees grow in Goa?

Coconut trees are ubiquitous and are present in almost all areas of Goa barring the elevated regions. Much deciduous vegetation, including teak, sal, cashew and mango trees, is present. Fruits include jackfruits, mangos, pineapples and blackberries. Foxes, wild boars and migratory birds are found in the jungles of Goa.

What is the animal of Goa?


Are hyenas found in Goa?

So much variety, urban, rural and forest, Goa has more than 50 species of animals. There are four species of deer: the cheetal or spotted axis deer, the sambar, the barking deer and the mouse deer. The smaller deer are preyed on by predators: the striped hyena, the jackal, and the wild dog.

Are there wolves in Goa?

The golden jackal or Asiatic jackal forms a part of the semi-urban landscape of many villages in Goa. They are group-living animals. Jackals in Goa are often mistaken for foxes and sometimes wolves. In Konkani, ‘kolo’- the term meant for jackal- is wrongly translated into English as fox.

Which area is best for couples in Goa?

Top 10 Beaches In Goa For Couples

  • Butterfly Beach – Privacy And Peace.
  • Velsao Beach – An Idyllic Romantic Hideout.
  • Betul Beach – Deep Dive In Sheer Romance.
  • Candolim Beach – The Unspoiled Scenic Charm.
  • Kakolem Beach – Secluded From Maddening Crowd.
  • Bogmalo Beach – Truly Picture-Perfect.
  • Sinquerim Beach – A Serene Escape.

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