What kind of gravel is good for horses paddocks?

What kind of gravel is good for horses paddocks?

Rock products, also known as sand and gravel, are a great choice for paddock footing because they are extremely slow to break down, don’t hold moisture or bacteria, and can be supported for a stronger base.

What is the best gravel for horses?

Pea gravel is a round, smooth (not crushed), rock without fines. It’s sometimes called drain rock and can be found in various sizes. For horse paddocks it’s best in the 5/8 and slightly smaller varieties. Pea gravel has become popular in recent years for the top layer of horse paddocks.

Is pea gravel safe for horses?

But if your horses have slow feeders in their walk-in shelters, that is not an issue. When choosing gravel, pea gravel, or limestone gravel, most experts say you should get crushed rock particles no larger than 3/4-inch, or they are not comfortable for the horses to stand on.

Is pea gravel good for horse arenas?

However, their suggestions about pea gravel seem to only consider the hoof- the pea gravel is hard and abrasive, and is expected to help trim and keep the barefoot hoof in hard, firm condition. While it may be good for the hoof to work on rock-hard footing, it is definitely not good for the rest of the horse’s body.

What do you do with muddy horse pastures?

Build swales or berms around turnouts and other areas. To divert runoff away from paddocks, driveways, outdoor arenas or other areas, consider building a system of berms (elevated rows of earth) and swales (shallow trenches). These earthworks can act like gutters to redirect water away from areas that get too muddy.

How do you stop a field getting muddy?

To avoid trashing fields completely in winter, Miles recommends fencing off and woodchipping a “loafing area”. This will provide some level of turnout and prevent horses congregating at the gateway where the damage is done. “It’s not a cheap option, but it can work really well and reduce poached ground,” he explains.

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