What kind of oil does my Buell Blast take?

What kind of oil does my Buell Blast take?

AMSOIL synthetic lubricants

Are Buell Blast a good bike?

The Buell Blast is a very good beginner motorcycle, although it is a tad basic compared to other bikes in its class. Buell is a branch of the Harley Davidson company that makes sport bikes instead of cruisers.

Why are Buell blasts so cheap?

Buells are no longer being made, and while you can still get OEM parts, there aren’t many H-D dealerships that advertise Buell servicing. So, they’re cheap because they’re hard to source parts and servicing, and that drops their Blue Book value.

How much does a Buell Blast cost?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $4,795 $1,745
Options (Add)
Total Price $4,795 $1,745

How fast does a Buell Blast 500 go?

It has plenty of get up and go all the way to freeway speeds, and its top speed is supposedly about 98 mph, according to the Buell forum members. It has a funky sound and a smooth, responsive throttle (as long as you don’t lug it). It’s part Harley…

How much does a Buell Blast weigh?

360 lb

How much is a 2000 Buell Blast worth?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $4,395 $855
Options (Change)
Total Price $4,395 $855

How much is a 2007 Buell Blast worth?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $4,695 $1,470
Options (Add)
Total Price $4,695 $1,470

When did Buell stop using Harley motors?


What is a Buell Ulysses?

The Buell Ulysses: an adventure bike with a Harley-Davidson heart. Buell and Harley-Davidson have a significant shared history. The former’s founder, Erik Buell, was a Harley engineer, and Harley later purchased the performance-oriented brand. As with earlier Buell models, the Ulysses has a Harley-Davidson engine.

Why did Buell fail?

So why do I hardly ever see a Buell on the road? The main reason is limited availability. The RR1000 was Buell’s first entry into the sportsbike market. They built 50 of them before they ran out of XR1000 engines.

Why did Harley drop Buell?

Harley decided to discontinue Buell, rather than sell the brand, because unlike MV Agusta, it was not a stand-alone business. “Buell is so integrated into Harley-Davidson and our dealer network, that to try and untangle it would be a very difficult task,” Wandell said.

What is the fastest Buell?

The logo on the tank simply says “EBR,” and the bike is the 2014 1190RX. The $18,995 superbike, built by hand in the US, is the culmination of Buell’s decades of expertise. Its 185 horsepower makes it the fastest street bike he’s ever produced.

What is Erik Buell doing now?

Erik Buell will not have a role in the new company, according to Melvin, because Erik Buell is currently involved with the electric motorcycle and bicycle company Fuell.

What does Buell mean?

Buell Origin and Meaning The name Buell is a boy’s name of Welsh origin meaning “dwelling”. The Dutch meaning (Buell is the Dutch occupational name for a hangman) is enough to keep most people away.

How fast is a Buell Lightning?

Top speed & performance
Max torque 81 ft-lb
Top speed 150 mph
1/4 mile acceleration 11.2 secs
Tank range 145 miles

How much horsepower does a Buell Lightning have?

95.00 HP

What is the fastest 0 60 motorcycle?

First up is the Suzuki GSX-R1000, which, in 2001, was introduced to take the place of the GSX-R1100. It has the fastest record on time for 0-60 mph— just 2.35 seconds.

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