What methods did Gandhi use to gain independence?

What methods did Gandhi use to gain independence?

Gandhi’s system of Satyagraha was based on nonviolence, non-cooperation, truth and honesty. Gandhi used non violence in India’s freedom struggle as main weapon and India became independent from British rule.

How did Mahatma Gandhi help India achieve its independence from Great Britain quizlet?

Indian nationalist and spiritual leader who developed the practice of nonviolent disobedience that forced Great Britain to grant independence to India (1947). He was assassinated by a Hindu fanatic. It was a major step toward Indian independence which would come in 1947.

What were Mahatma Gandhi values as an individual?

As a result of this study, it is assessed that Mahatma Gandhi accommodated in his personality many universal values such as love for his fellow humans, justice, peace, non-violence, tolerance, and freedom, and when faced with certain situations in his lifetime, exhibited an attitude that is compatible with his …

What were according to Gandhi the basic principles of Satyagraha?

Gandhi’s concept of Satyagraha is an integrated concept and includes truth, non-violence, non-stealing, chastity or Brahmacharya, poverty or non-possession, bread labour, fearlessness, control of the palate [Asvada], tolerance, Swadeshi and removal of untouchability.

What is the philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi?

The twin cardinal principles of Gandhi’s thought are truth and nonviolence. It should be remembered that the English word “truth” is an imperfect translation of the Sanskrit, “satya”, and “nonviolence”, an even more imperfect translation of “ahimsa”.

What were the main sources of Gandhi’s philosophy of life?

The main sources of Gandhiji’s philosophy of life were Christ’s Sermon on the Mount and Tolstoy, the great Russian writer.

What are the thoughts of education according to Mahatma Gandhi?

According to Gandhiji, “Education is an all round drawing out of the best in child and man – body, mind and spirit”. He advocated that literacy should never be the end of education or even the beginning.

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