What page is Chapter 13 in hatchet?

What page is Chapter 13 in hatchet?

Forty-two days, he thought, since he had died and been born as the new Brian.”(pg. 45, chapter 13) – Brian has changed completely and is a TOTALLY different person. He accepted his new enviorment and feels at home with his surroundings and wild animals. He feels he has become a part of the wilderness.

What is the setting of hatchet?

The story takes place in Hampton, New York, and the forests of Northern Canada, in the present day.

What happened in chapters 13 and 14 of hatchet?

One morning, a skunk comes to Brian’s shelter and steals his turtle eggs. Brian tries to stop it, and the skunk sprays him. Brian realizes after this experience that he must make a stronger door for his shelter to protect himself and find a better way to store his food.

What was Brian full of at the end of Chapter 13?

He learns to aim slightly below the fish since water refracts light. When he finally gets his first fish, he is elated. On the day of his first fish, he spent the rest of the day hunting and eating fish after fish. This filled Brian with hope and he now has what he calls ”tough hope.

What happened in Chapter 14 in hatchet?

In chapter 14 of Hatchet, Brian thinks about mistakes he has made and lessons he has learned. At one point, he is sprayed by a skunk that decided to steal Brian’s turtle eggs. The spray leaves him blind for two hours and influences Brian to be more prepared in case he was debilitated in the future.

Does Brian create a food shelf out of animal skin?

Brian makes a food shelf so that he will have a place to store his food where it will be safe. He has learned from experience that if he leaves his food in an accessible area, wild animals will come and take it away before he can use it.

How did Brian store his fish in hatchet?

Q. How does Brian store his fish? Brian tied the fish with one of his shoelaces and hung them in a tree. Brian built a holding pen out of rocks at the edge of the lake.

What is the first thing he tries to do to catch the fish hatchet?

He watches a bird dip into the water and come up with a fish in its beak, and this gives him the idea of trying to catch fish for himself. Brian goes down to the water and looks into the lake. He sees lots of fish, as well as a crayfish crawling through the shallows.

What happened in Chapter 12 in hatchet?

Chapter 12. Brian spends many hours perfecting his fish spear, but in the end it fails to help him catch any fish. In need of a way to send the spear into the water, Brian decides to make a bow and arrow. While searching for wood, Brian almost steps on a bird and it flies up in a flurry of feathers.

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