What phylum do Leeches belong to?

What phylum do Leeches belong to?

phylum Annelida

What is the phylum of a earthworm?


Are leeches and tapeworms in the same phylum?

Earthworms are big segmented worms that belong to the Phylum Annelida, Class Clitellata, and sub class Oligochaeta. Leeches are also worms belonging to the same Phylum and class, but sub class Hirudinae and are of three types, freshwater, terrestrial and marine.

How do you identify a leech?

Leeches are bilaterally symmetrical, with thick muscular bodies. Usually they are dorso-ventrally (front to back) flattened and segmented, though the segments are not often seen. Some leeches are long and worm-like, others pear-shaped and broad.

Where is Metamerism found?

Metamerism is the repetition of homologous body segments. This type of development can be seen in the Annelids, which include earthworms, leeches, tubeworms, and their relatives. It is also seen in a more advanced form in the Arthropods, such as crustaceans, insects, and their relatives.

Which one is evolved in annelida?

True coelom evolved firstly in annelida.

What is the white flower like creature in the video?

What is the white flower-like creature in the video? The head of the worm.

What adaptation does the Abarenicola worm have to live underwater?

Abarenicola (lugworm) adaptation: Lugworms feed on organic material by swallowing sediment while in its burrow and stripping the sediment of its useful organic content.

What kind of body does an annelid have?

segmented body

Do annelids have a true gut?

All annelids are segmented. Annelids have a well-developed, closed circulatory system (one in which blood is limited to vessels) that is segmentally arranged. They also have a complete, one-way digestive tract with a mouth and anus. The digestive tract is not segmented.

How many hearts do annelids have?

five heart

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