What size lug nuts are on a Chevy Cobalt?

What size lug nuts are on a Chevy Cobalt?

19mm Hex

What size lug wrench do I need?

Depending on your vehicle the nuts could be either standard or metric, with the most common sizes being 10-14mm or 7/16 to 5/8 inches. Make sure your tire iron fits them. Your owner’s manual should tell you the size you need.

What is another name for a lug wrench?

Other names are four way wheel wrench, spanner, brace or cross.

What tool do mechanics use to remove lug nuts?

Impact wrenches

Can I use a socket wrench to remove lug nuts?

First thing is kick the guy in the lug nuts who put them on so tight in the first place! A socket wrench might take them off with a cheater bar but the ratchet will most likely be ruined after doing so.

Can you use a 12 point socket on a lug nut?

12 point sockets put all the force on the corners of the nut, while 6 points puts the force on the flat sides of the nut. When removing damaged, or rusty, or frozen nuts, you’ll have much greater success if you’re using a 6 point socket.

Can you use a regular socket on lug nuts?

Always use the correctly-sized socket and NEVER ever tighten wheel lug nuts with an impact wrench – only use a torque wrench.

Which is better 6 point or 12 point?

If your fastener is 12-point, which is somewhat uncommon, then you must use a 12-point tool. For 6-point fasteners, a 6-point tool is your best choice. Matching up the points between the tool and fastener means that you will maximize the surface area of steel in contact, making the tool less likely to slip or fail.

Can I use a 6-point socket on a 12-point nut?

For the best fit, choose a 6-point socket for a 6-point fastener and a 12-point socket for a 12-point fastener. A 6-point socket gets a better grip on the nut and so is less likely to slip and round off the nut corners. I did remember one advantage of the 12-point socket, you can use it on square nuts.

What are 8 point sockets used for?

8 point, or even special 4 point sockets from Snap On, are great for square headed set screws, drains for small engines, or square headed gearbox plugs. A set of 8 points is not used very often, but real handy when you do need them!

Do you need deep sockets?

A normal, shallow socket may not even touch the nut before the top of the stud or bolt hits the end of the socket. In this case, a deep socket is necessary to accommodate the long end of the bolt and fit snugly around the nut. Without them, you may need a wrench instead of a socket to loosen that nut.

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