What size windscreen wipers do I need for a Ford Fiesta?

What size windscreen wipers do I need for a Ford Fiesta?

Ford Fiesta Hatchback Mk7 2012 – 2017 Wiper Blade Sizes:
Driver Side 26″ (650mm) Push Button Flat Style Wiper Blade
Passenger Side 16″ (400mm) Push Button Flat Style Wiper Blade
Rear Screen 12″ (300mm) Plastic Moulded Rear Screen Wiper Blade

How do you change the windscreen wipers on a Ford Fiesta?

How to change your wiper blades

  1. First, turn on your ignition.
  2. Next turn on your wipers.
  3. Now turn off your ignition.
  4. Pull up the wiper stalk and wipe the blades with a damp cloth.
  5. To check the blades, run your fingers along the window facing edge.
  6. If the blades feel rough or hard, they need to be replaced.

How do I know if my car has rain sensing wipers?

First, if your wipers automatically turn on when raindrops come in contact with the windshield then you have a sensor. You can also check by looking from the outside – behind the rear view mirror. If you see a strip of lens or film that faces the outside that is adjoining your light sensor.

How much should I fill washer fluid?

Pour the windshield washer fluid directly into the reservoir through the opening. Although you can use a funnel to make sure you don’t spill any of the washer fluid, it’s also easily doable without a funnel if you exercise a bit of care. If you can’t see the fill line, fill it about 3/4 full.

How do you clean the front windscreen on a Ford Fiesta?

To wash and clean the front windscreen, on most cars, this requires pulling the right-side hand control stalk directly towards yourself. This will initiate the washers. Hold for around two seconds to allow for sufficient water to cover the windscreen and release.

What can I use instead of a windscreen wash?

5 Safe Homemade Alternatives for Windshield Washer Fluid

  • White vinegar. Photo: The News Wheel
  • Rubbing alcohol. Photo: The News Wheel
  • High proof vodka. Photo: Nico via CC
  • Household glass cleaner. Photo: The News Wheel
  • Water. Photo: The News Wheel

How do you make your own screen wash?

To make your own washer fluid, you just need to mix a gallon of water with 1 tablespoon of dish washing liquid and ½ cup of ammonia (for anti freeze or vinegar. You can also add a few drops of food coloring so that you know what the liquid is for.

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