What stage does plea bargaining occur?

What stage does plea bargaining occur?

In most jurisdictions and courthouses, plea bargaining can take place at virtually any stage in the criminal justice process (but see the California exception, explained above). Plea deals can be struck shortly after a defendant is arrested and before the prosecutor files criminal charges.

What are the stages of criminal justice process?

Steps in the criminal justice process

  • Investigation of a crime by the police.
  • Arrest of a suspect by the police.
  • Prosecution of a criminal defendant by a district attorney.
  • Indictment by a grand jury or the filing of an information by a prosecutor.
  • Arraignment by a judge.
  • Pretrial detention and/or bail.

What are two goals of the criminal justice system?

The criminal justice system has multiple goals, including deterrence, incapacitation, retribution, rehabilitation, and restoration. Other means of social control besides the criminal justice system include the family, religion, schools, and the media.

Do you get a tetanus shot when you go to jail?

In prisons, vaccines are administered for various purposes or objectives. The most common is systematic vaccination, either as primary vaccination, as a booster dose or as postexposure treatment (e.g., booster doses of tetanus and diphtheria vaccine in adults or primary hepatitis B vaccination).

Why does tuberculosis spread in prisons?

Late diagnosis, inadequate treatment, overcrowding, poor ventilation and repeated prison transfers encourage the transmission of TB infection. HIV infection and other pathology more common in prisons (e.g. malnutrition, substance abuse) encourage the development of active disease and further transmission of infection.

What is the primary reservoir for TB?

Reservoir for tuberculosis Humans are the primary reservoir. Diseased animals rarely act as reservoirs.

Why are medical researchers concerned about treating patients with tuberculosis?

Medical researchers are concerned the lack of new medicines developed to treat tuberculosis will encourage drug-resistant strains.

How often are prisoners tested for TB?

In California, prisoners are only tested if they are suspected of TB. But testing is mandatory for all employees upon hiring and annually thereafter (Cal. Penal § 6006 & 6007).

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